Citroen Berlingo Key Programming Using Autel DS708

Autel MaxiDAS DS708  (France version)
Car Model:
Citroen Berlingo
Here is guide for Citroen Berlingo key programming:
1Turn IGN on but not to crank the engine.
2. Connection Autel DS708 auto Maxidas DS708 with the vehicle and then boot up DS708 Main unit;
3. Select area and car model: European >> CITROEN >> BERLINGO >> BERLINGO 2;
4. Next automatically reading the vehicle’s VIN;

5. You need to enter the vehicle information;

6. Click “Control Unit” >> BSI >> Learning >> Key programming and click “start” on Unlock ECU interface.

7. You will be asked for confidential code and click OK to continue.

8. Enter the number of keys you want to be programmed.

9. Turn IGN off and then on within 15 seconds.
10. If  success, it will pop out message to ask you to insert the next key in the ignition switch;
Note: It is ok if you only program one key; while you program more than one key, you just need to put another key in the ignition switch.
Hope my write up will help you much. Additionally, if you need more about DS708, you can browse through the following page

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