How to get car key data for cutting keys with SEC-E9 key machine

There are 3 ways to get auto key information with SEC-E9 key cutting machine

Key data can be gor by:

IC card

car model

key blank

in detail…

How to get key data by IC card on Key Programming tool SEC-E9 key machine:

1 go to “search” on the home page


2 press “KCode” and input the IC card you know, then “search”

3 go to “Menu” and read “Info”


4 check the data if they are what you want or not


How to get key info by model on SEC-E9 machine:

1 go to “Automobiles”


2 select a car make – model – year
sec-e9-key-machine-enter-key-data-ic-card-6 sec-e9-key-machine-enter-key-data-ic-card-7 sec-e9-key-machine-enter-key-data-ic-card-8

3 read key info


How to get key data by key blank on SEC-E9 key cutting machine

1 go to “Search”


2 input the key blank, then search

3 then you can get the key data


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