Lonsdor K518ISE Program BMW F01 CAS4 2010 Remote Key Success

Vehicle Model: BMW F-series F01 year 2010

Remote type: PCF7953, 868MHz

Immo type: CAS4 1L16Y

Device to program: key renew tool, Lonsdor K518ISE and VVDI PROG



Step 1: Renew key (if have new key go to Step 2)

Step 2: Read dump

Step 3: Add a new key

Step 1: Renew used key

by Tango or MK3 programmers



Step 2: Read CAS4 data

Remove CAS4 module


Follow vvdi prog wiring diagram to connect CAS and programmer



Read CAS4 1L16Y data and save dump.


Step 3: Program key with Lonsdor K518ISE

In K518, select Immobilizer->BMW->Select from type->CAS4/CAS4+ ->Make ignition key


Copy and paste the CAS4 EEPROM data to Lonsdor “customfile” folder

Upload EEPROM dump

Select a key position to add key

Insert new key to be generated into K518 card slot

Follow K518ise instructions to generate ignition key

1.Take all other keys out of car except the new key

2.Close newly generated key to car induction coil

3.Press Start button and wait for 15 sec (remove key when dash turns on)

4.Check all function of the new key

Test the new key

Remote detect and can start engine.


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