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Get DA-Dongle J2534 for Five Reasons

J2534 SDD VCI Device 4 for Five Reasons:
1. The DA-Dongle J2534 device is simple and easy to use
2. JLR Approved device, replacement for JLR SDD VCM
3. Covers CAN, & ISO9141 vehicle networks
4. 12ft USB cable as standard included
5. Easy to update for J2534 new functionality

vagcom 12.12 vcds cable from china cnautotool can reset all service indicators, read and clear all fault codes, work for airbag, ABS, engine, gearbox, central locking etc. Vag 12.12 can fully works for all for VW, for Audi, for Seat and for Skoda models through the current model year(from 1994 to October 2013), including models using a direct CAN connection for diagnostics.

Right this moment all of our store brand-new access HEX COMPONENTS CAN VAG-COM Meant for Vagcom 12.12. can it be does not necessarily VAG wire most fxxkable variant. Aid The english language vocabulary language. Vagcom 12.12 Uses the present day 7-Digit PIN/SKC principles to evaluate brand-new take a moment in different immobilizer crammed VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda goods

By connecting the device to the PC when the Jaguar DD VCI App Hub application is running, the application will read the device and connect over the internet to determine if an updated software is available and download this to the device if a newer version exists.  This process takes approximately 3 minutes to complete.  The device will then be updated and ready to be used on the vehicle.

Don’t neglect your regular maintenance. These scheduled visits are certainly not there just to get more money by you. They’re made to make certain maintenance is finished on specific components before you turn out stranded along the side of the street. However , you might be capable of skip a couple and grow okay, destruction will shorten the life of the car.

VAGCOM 12.12 Functions and Features

When you search china car diagnostic interface, you may see many people recommand the vag com 12.12 rank top 1 among all China obd diagnostic interface. Why so many customers choose the vagcom 12.12 vcds cable?

Vag com 12.12 Functions and Features:
1. Support audi, covers the year until October 2013
2. Change the system time automatically; the software is permanently valid
3. Automatically cut off the network in case of update flash
4. Password protection
5. Support Windows XP, Windows 7 32 and 64 bit
6. New USB Drivers. Now it is compatible with the latest PCs which use Fresco Logic USB3 chipsets.
7. New more universal Airbag Coding Assistant.
8. New “Upload Debug/Log File” functions in Applications Dialog

Have a tendency not to result in the particular oversight of having anyone deal with your auto although volume these people demand from customers expenses a lot less than each of the others. Typically the particular lessen selling prices swap the particular don’t have in good quality job. Undertaking study around the mend centre showcased just might help you examine in case that is the circumstances right DA-Dongle J2534

What are the functions of DA-Dongle J2534? How much 2015 The original 100% lastest DA-Dongle J2534 ? Here are answers from cnautotool.DA-Dongle J2534, Price: $260, Categories: Professional Diagnostic Tools, Brand: Auto diagnostic tools obd, Function: DA-Dongle J2534, buy DA-Dongle J2534 for your Cars at original product and fast shipping to global!

vag com 12.12 software install guide

Auto diagnostic obd Vagcom 12.12 diagnostic interface vag com 12.12 software install guide
Step 1. Drivers path: C:Ross-TechVCDS
Step 2. Computer time into 2013.10.1 (each software prompts to change the system time expired are to this time), turn off all network connections.
Step 3. Please never connect it to Internet and update the software.(only use this CD-ROM softwares)
Step 4. To avoid loss and damage of software data, please dont pull up and plug USB and OBD port during the use(open the software and communications within car).
Step 5. Please make sure all the antivirus programs are closed before using, it is very important.

DA-Dongle J2534 SDD VCI Device for Jaguar & Land Rover is designed as a replacement pass-through vehicle communications device that can be used for the majority of the JLR SDD diagnostic applications.
DA-Dongle J2534 Functions:
1. It  will allow normal operation with the JLR SDD diagnostic tool,once the J2534 DLL files are loaded.
2. The DA-Dongle J2534 connects directly to the vehicle OBDII (diagnostic) connector and then to a laptop via a USB cable for use with SDD
3. Only SCP communications are not possible with this device

VAGCOM VCDS Description


VAGCOM VCDS Vag com 12.12 Description:
1. Is fully compatible with all VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda models through the current model year, including models using a direct CAN connection for diagnostics.
2. Has a database of more than 14000 fault-codes and measuring-block texts.
3. Can use the new 7-Digit PIN/SKC codes to match new keys in all immobilizer equipped VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda models.
4. Allows you to view, log, and graph 3 groups of Measuring Blocks at once.
5. Can access all control modules which require proprietary VAG modes running the KWP-2000 protocols (2001+ Teves Mk.60 ABS, numerous 2002+ modules), KWP6000 (CAN) and/or KWP7000 (UDS).

The DA-Dongle J2534 is a low cost high-performance pass-thru (SAE J2534) vehicle interface. This unit connects directly to the vehicle OBDII (Diagnostic)connector; it then connects to any laptop via a USB 2.0 cable. Once the J2534 Driver files are loaded, this product will allow normal operation with OEM compliant da-dongle j2534 price diagnostic applications. This device supports CAN, FT CAN, and ISO protocols

CnAutotool Recommended DA-VINA 2534 SDD VCI device to you

Should you own a motor vehicle, you most likely have had to have it repaired at many point or another. Case something every motorist must deal with. Looking for a reputable auto repair shop can be extremely frustrating. Luckily, the following article will highlight how to find reliable company that you can count on DA-Dongle J2534.

The Land Rover Discovery was originally brought to fill the gap manufactured by the initial Range Rover’s move upmarket. Originally launched being a three-door in 1989, it soon evolved right five-door, along with the Discovery Series 2, which was introduced nine years later, boasted a lot more than 700 modifications in a feat to universalize the appeal of the Land Rover. The Discovery 3, launched in 2004 took the style and technology of its predecessors to new heights. It turned out now a substantial contender for your top spot, and was designed around a hybrid of the ladder frame and monocoque chassis.

DA-VINA 2534 SDD VCI device is new release Vehicle Communication interface for Jaguar Land Rover. DA-VINA 2534 VCI network adapter have its new features. Below CnAutotool Recommended J2534 SDD VCI Device DA-VINA 2534 VCI network adapter.

Jaguar land rover approved sae/j2534 pass-thru interface supports fully vehicle line on JLR Defender, Discovery/LR3/LR4, Range Rover Sport & New Range Rover Sport, New Range Rover, Freelander/LR2, Evoque, XJ-350/X351, XK-X150, XF, S-Type, X-Type and F-Type;DAVINA-2534 supports Range Rover vehicle line fully supported apart from viewing data logger signals from both ECM and TCM modules simultaneously on 2006MY variants.

The DA-VINA 2534 connect with the vehicle via OBD-II Diagnostic connector

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DA-Dongle J2534 SDD VCI Dispositif pour Jaguar et Land Rover est con?u comme un pass-through appareil de remplacement de communication de véhicule qui peut être utilisé pour la majorité des applications de diagnostic JLR SDD. The DA-Dongle J2534 vehicle Interface connect with the vehicle via OBD-II Diagnostic connector directly, it will use together with SDD. Once the DA-VINA J2534 *.DLL files are loaded, DAVINA diagnsotic interface will allow normal operation with JLR SDD Diagnostic Tool. All communication is possible on with this device.

The Series I production cars, costing just usd99 were clad in aluminum alloy because of post-war Britain’s shortage of steel. This model sold 200,000 units in decade, but was soon replaced with the Series II in 1958, which introduced selectable 4WD and also a diesel. I thought this was quickly as well as the Defender, of 1990, which remains a popular vehicle, selling 25,000 units around the world annually.

The stove DA J2534 was created to cater for growing American sales of recreational off-roaders, as well as introduction in 1970 was met with near-universal acclaim. The P38a model that succeeded it had been produced for seven years, replaced from the vastly improved L322 that began Range Rover’s progression into a luxury car.

DA-VINA Software Updates

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Land Rover marked its 65th anniversary this April using the introduction of the Defender LXV special edition. Since its birth in 1948, Land Rover has developed from producing aluminum-clad work vehicles such as the Series I to lavish luxury cars much like the latest Range Rover Evoque.

DA-VINA Software Updates
It is easy and simple to update J2534 SDD VCI Device, only need to connect DA-DAVINA with a laptop/PC via the USB cable. This USB cable is provided with each DA-DAVINA package.A PC software updates application (DA App Hub) is available to download from the Diagnostic Associates website http://www.diagnostic-associates.com/download.html.

This application once downloaded and launched will be responsible for identifying what version of software is on the device, and whether a new version is available for update.
By connecting the device to the PC when the DA App Hub application is running, the application will read the device and connect over the internet to determine if an updated software is available and download this to the device if a newer version exists. This process takes approximately 3 minutes to complete.  The device will then be updated and ready to be used on the vehicle

All communication is possible on DA-VINA 2534

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Avoid being stepped on because of your own car! If you jack the car up, make sure to set your emergency. Place bricks behind the tires about to catch working on to help keep your car or truck from rolling. Keep a set of wedges or three to four bricks inside trunk of your respective car might be to switch a designated tire over a hill.

Now you can actually see Jay Leno, reporting live (certainly not) from Monterey. “Jay Leno’s Garage: The greatest Car Week” premieres on CNBC this Sunday, Aug. 31 at 10 p.m. EST, where he’ll offer his “unique perspective about the business and sport of cars and car collecting.” J2534 SDD VCI Device Dongle J2534 SDD VCI dispositivo para Jaguar e Land Rover é concebido como um dispositivo de comunica??o de passagem de veículo de substitui??o que pode ser usado para a maioria dos JLR SDD aplica??es diagnósticas

The Jaguar DD VCI connects directly to the vehicle OBDII (Diagnostic) connector, it then connects to the laptop via a USB cable for use with SDD.Once the J2534 DLL files are loaded, DA-VINA 2534 will allow normal operation with JLR SDD Diagnostic Tool. All communication is possible on DA-VINA 2534.