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BMW Diagnose Software Ista D 4.14 BMW Rheingold Free Download

BMW Diagnose Software Ista D 4.14 BMW Rheingold Free Download

BMW Diagnose Software work for BMW ICOM A2/ ICOM Next etc.Ista D BMW Rheingold software with Ista D and Ista p support programming offline derectly. Here,VXDAS.com share BMW Diagnose Software Ista D 4.14 BMW Rheingold Free Download .

BMW - Diagnose - Software - 1
BMW Diagnose Software Software Free Download

Rheingold 4.14.14 Standalone / SDP 4.14.12 / ISTA-P torrent file free downlaod

Torrent file

Unknow security

Take your own risky!

Here ,VXDAS offer tested and worked 100% V2019.3 BMW Rheingold Software HDD with ISTA-D:4.15.12 ISTA-P ,fit with any laptops and support programming offline directly,work with ICOM A2/A3/NEXT/P.

Ista D V2019.03 ICOM Diagnostic Software Version:

VIN: 2018.11.26
SDP programming database: 4.15.12
INPA 5.00: winkfp 5.2.3 : NCS 3.5.1
BMWAi : 4.6
E-SYS : 3.30.1
Database V66.0 add Chinese version software Dr. GINI B020
FSC navigation arithmetic software
Add BMW old car DIS software, DISV57 and DISV44, diagnosis and programming
Not connected 9000 days remaining

BMW ICOM SoftwareBMW Engineer tools

BMW - Diagnose - Software - 2 BMW - Diagnose - Software - 3

BMW - Diagnose - Software - 4

Professional Diagnostic Solution & Service Supplier

Piwis 2 Software For Porsche Free Download & Installation Guide

Piwis 2 software works with Piwis Tester II hardware and support diagnose / programming. VXDAS would like to share software free download link and installation guide here.

Piwis 2 Software Overview:

Software Version: V18.150.500

Compatible Hardware: Piwis Tester II

Operating System: Windows XP

Update Method: By HDD, cannot update online

Support Languages: Russian, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch.

Piwis 2 Software Functions:

Read/clear error code.
Catch data stream.
Computer programming match.
Component test.
Maintenance information consult.
Components site drawing, Wiring diagram.

Note: Link security unknown, to get 100% workable and security software, please visit our website www.vxdas.com.

Porsche Piwis 2 Software Installation Guide:

This post show a guide on how to install Porsche Piwis 2 V18.100 universal image on your laptop. And this post original from Cartechnology forum by getaibose’s post: https://cartechnology.co.uk/showthread.php?tid=35045&highlight=PIWIS

getaibose made some modifications:

Win XP tweaks. (enable right click on taskbar, enabled win xp start menu etc.)
Win XP activated. (no more 3 days left to activate errors.)
Uninstalled all Panasonic drivers and other drivers not critical to the system.
Deleted un-necessary files.
Windows XP fully updated from Windows Update.
Uninstalled POSES and PET. (to make download smaller, can re-install them if you wish – refer folder “Hardlock fix for installing PET and POSES”.)
changed adobe reader from German to English.
Updated WinRAR.
100% defragmented image.
Made into universal image. (can restore to VM or any laptop compatible with Windows XP.)
Restored Size ~ 17.9 GB. (this is excluding pagefile storage.)

Note: Even though the PIWIS version is shown as V18.150.500, this might only be a 18.100 as some experts have debunked the existance of V18.150.500 and stated that in this image simply registry edited to display the version as V18.150.500 (refer file “18.150.500 is fake”)

Porsche Piwis II Universal Image Installation Guide:

If you are restoring the Piwis image to a laptop, use software like RUFUS to make the restore program ISO file to a bootable USB thumb drive.

Or if it’s to a virtual machine, then just simply mount the ISO on the virtual machine.

Porsche - Piwis - Universal - Image - Installation - Guide - VXDAS - 1

If the screen gets stuck at this command prompt, then just simply close the prompt.
Porsche - Piwis - Universal - Image - Installation - Guide - VXDAS - 2

Click restore and then click the path button. Select the backup file(adi.file) and then click on next.

Porsche - Piwis - Universal - Image - Installation - Guide - VXDAS - 3

The program detects the selected backup is a system image, would you like to do a system restore?

Click “Yes” here.

Porsche - Piwis - Universal - Image - Installation - Guide - VXDAS - 4

Make sure this box is checked.
Porsche - Piwis - Universal - Image - Installation - Guide - VXDAS - 5

Select the drive into which you want to restore the image and then click next.

Porsche - Piwis - Universal - Image - Installation - Guide - VXDAS - 6

Make sure that the “enable universal restore” box is checked, so that the system can boot on your laptop.

If you are restoring the image to a virtual machine, you can leave this option unchecked.

Porsche - Piwis - Universal - Image - Installation - Guide - VXDAS - 7

Make sure that on unallocated space remains at the end of the partition.

Next, click “OK” and then click “Start Restore”.

After restoring and booting into the system, install drivers and imprint the texter with the method of your choosing. Turbofans method can be found in the following folder.

Porsche - Piwis - Universal - Image - Installation - Guide - VXDAS - 8

Restore Porsche Piwis II Universal Image to VM:

1.Create two virtual hard drives – lets say – VHD-A and VHD-B; VHD-A will be the main VHD of your VM into which you are restoring the image.
VHD-B is just a temporary VHD to hold the image file for restore.
2. Copy the image file (.adi file) into VHD-B.
3. Attach both VHD-A and VHD-B to the VM.
4. In the VMs CD drive, mount the recovery disc iso.
5. Start the VM and boot into the recovery CD.
6. Follow the instructions given in the archive to restore the image.
7. After image finish restoring, turn off the VM and detach VHD-B and unmount the recovery disc iso from the VM.
8. Start the VM – after it finish initializing, then install guest additions.
9. Done – you can delete VHD-B from your system.

Theoretically this image should be able to restore and boot into any laptop which supports Windows XP (hopefully no BSOD on booting). Also you can restore it to a Virtual Machine.

My aim with this image was to create an PIWIS image that anyone can restore and use without any difficulty.

This image might be more suited to someone restoring it to a laptop other than a Panasonic CF-30 as I have removed all the Panasonic drivers. You can restore it to a CF-30, just need to reinstall / restore all the drivers.

Easiest method to re-install drivers – In the laptop you are planning to restore the image -> If you are already running Win XP in that laptop, use software called “Double Driver” to backup all the drivers. After restoring the PIWIS image, then restore the drivers – hardly take 5-10 min for complete driver restore and it’s all one-click operation.

Porsche - Piwis - Universal - Image - Installation - Guide - VXDAS - 9

If you are interested in our software and service, please refer to www.vxdas.com.

Professional Diagnostic Solution & Service Supplier

how to update handy baby 6

eCOM DoIP Multiplexer for Benz is a diagnostic tool that can replace Xentry Diagnosis VCI. Benz eCOM DoIP works with Xentry, Vediamo & DTS Monaco and support DoIP for latest E and S series.

Many customers confused between Benz eCOM DoIP and Mercedes SD C4 when purchase, VXDAS would like to share the difference between the two tools and help you get a better idea which one to choose.

Benz eCOM DoIP Description:

1. Supports DoIP protocol

2. eCOM Box Hardware Serial number starts with 2xxxxx

3. Works with Xentry, Engineering programs Vediamo and DTS Monaco.

SD C4 Description:

1. Software Version: V2019.05

2. Hardware Version: OS:2.3 CSD:2.11

3. Support Wireless / Lan Cable Connection.

how – to – update – handy – baby


eCOM DoIP: Main for new vehicles, cannot use for DAS\HHT vehicles. K-Line communication may not so stable, need specially setup on any diag sw installation.

SD C4: More popular and universal for Mercedes vehicles. The only limitation is K-Line communication in Vediamo from ver5* Easy to setup. In most cases work as is.

Many thanks for your attention. If you have any better ideas or advice, please comment below. We will check and reply you as soon as possible.

For more details about the Benz eCOM DoIP and SD C4, please refer to our website: www.vxdas.com

Finally, for more software free download, please click link below:

VXDAS Official Blog Software Free Download

SIS Cat 2018 Caterpillar SIS Cat Caterpillar Software Free Download

SIS Cat 2018 is CAT Caterpillar ET 3 Diagnostic Adapter latest Caterpillar SIS .Cat SIS 2018 software including electronic catalog. contains spare parts catalogs, information on repairs, ect. Many clients asked the latest cat sis 2018 software .Therefore VXDAS.com share SIS Cat 2018 Caterpillar SIS Cat Caterpillar torrent file software free download on mega.
SIS - Cat - 2018 - Caterpillar - SIS - Software -1 SIS - Cat - 2018 - Caterpillar - SIS - Software -2
SIS Cat 2018 Caterpillar SIS Overview

Year / Release Date: 2018
Version: 01.2018
Developer: Caterpillar Inc.
Operating system: Windows Vista / 7/8/10
Language: Multilingual
Description: Caterpillar Inc. electronic catalog. contains spare parts catalogs, information on repairs, maintenance and much more

SIS Cat 2018 Caterpillar SIS Software Free Download


SIS Cat 2018 software download resource is from internet,pls take your OWN RISK !!!

Meanwhile For worked and tested 100% Pls click

SIS Cat 2018

SIS Cat 2018 Caterpillar SIS Software Installation Instructions

Firstly Download the software

Secondly: Install software as following guide

1.Mount the image “Image.iso”. Then Run the file “Setup.exe”. Then Follow the prompts of the installer and install the electronic catalog.

2.Mount the “RERD0010.iso” image from the “Updates” folder. Then Run the file “Setup.exe”. Follow the prompts of the installer, install the updates. Then Repeat the same steps with the images “RERD0011.iso”, “RERD0012.iso”.

3. Then Install the programs from the “Tools” folder.

4. Unzip the archive “Crack.7z” from the folder “Crack”. Then Create the license file “license.dat”. To do this, run the file “Keygen.exe”, clear the “Host ID” field and enter the MAC address of the network card without spaces,Then click on the “Generate” button.

5. Create the folder “C: \ Caterpillar”,

6. Run the file “Environment.reg” from the folder “Crack”, agree to make changes to the registry. Then Restart the PC.

7. Start the electronic catalog. Then import the “User Authorization.xml” account from the “C: \ Caterpillar \ User Authorization” folder. And the login and password for the account are stored in the file “C: \ Caterpillar \ User Authorization \ User Authorization.txt”.

You can enjoy software finally.

Diagnostic Codes on Caterpillar ET Software

Diagnostic Capabilities

Diagnostic Codes
The engine’s Electronic Control Module (ECM) has the ability to monitor the circuitry between the ECM and the engine’s components. The ECM also has the ability to monitor the engine’s operating conditions. If the ECM detects a problem, a code is generated.

Diagnostic - Codes - on

There are three categories of codes:
-Diagnostic Code
-Event Code
-Flash Code

-Diagnostic Code – A diagnostic code indicates an electrical problem such as a short or an open in the engine’s wiring or in an electrical component.
-Event Code – An event code is generated by the detection of an abnormal engine operating condition. For example, an event code will be generated if the oil pressure is too low. In this case, the event code indicates the symptom of a problem. Event codes indicate mechanical problems rather than electrical problems.
-Flash Code – Diagnostics and events are reported via flash codes. When a diagnostic code or an event code becomes active, the specific condition is immediately reported to the operator through a series of flashes on the diagnostic lamp. By counting the flashes, a numeric representation of the diagnostic code or event code is revealed.

Codes can have two different states:

-Active Codes
An active code indicates that a problem is present. Service the active code first. For the appropriate
troubleshooting procedure for a particular code, refer to the following troubleshooting procedure:
a. Troubleshooting, “Diagnostic Trouble Codes”
b. Troubleshooting, “Event Codes”
Refer to the Troubleshooting, “Diagnostic Code Cross Reference” for information that relates to converting flash codes to the equivalent diagnostic code or to the equivalent event code.

-Logged Codes
The codes are logged and stored in the ECM memory. The problem may have been repaired and/or the problem may no longer exist. If the system is powered, it is possible to generate an active diagnostic code whenever a component is disconnected. If the component is reconnected, the code is no longer active but the code may become logged.
Logged codes may not indicate that a repair is needed. The problem may have been temporary. Logged codes may be useful to help troubleshoot intermittent problems. Logged codes can also be used to review the performance of the engine and of the electronic system.

Create Product Status Report (Download List) on Caterpillar ET Software

How to Create Product Status Report (Download List) on Caterpillar ET Software?

-Open Caterpillar ET Software, Click on Menu “Information – Product Status Report”, and Mark on “Download List”.

Create - Product - Status - Report

-Click on “Create Report”, wait until process complete, and Click “Save As” to Save Product Status Report file to your documents (.xml)
-Example Product Service Report Download (pdf format);
Click Link below:
PSR Download

Read More:
Injector Solenoid Test using Caterpillar ET Software
How to Connect Caterpillar ET Software from your Laptop to ECM
License Key for Caterpillar ET Software
Cylinder Cutout Test using Caterpillar ET Software
Current Totals on Caterpillar ET Software

05.2019 Lonsdor K518S/K518ISE Feedback: Tested on EU/US vehicles

(05.2019) Have collected some new test reports of Lonsdor K518S/K518ISE .

All done in May, 2019

Thanks to all contribution

The tests… Here you go

Alfa Romeo 147 1.9JTD
Program key OK
Program remote OK
BCM Marelli

lonsdor-k518-alfa-1 lonsdor-k518-alfa-2 lonsdor-k518-alfa-3

Citroen C3 1.6hdi
Year 2016
Read pin type1 OK
Programming key OK
BSI Johnson Controls


Insignia 2012
Read pin Ok
Add key OK


Hummer H3

Made remote OK

Original key is without transponder.

Remote generated with KD – brand GMC 315Mhz.

Open, Close and Panic buttons are work.

Well done.


Kia Carens 2013

keyless add 1 minute

Peugeot 508 pin Type 1 key programming via model OK


Range Rover Evoque 2014

all keys lost with lonsdor OK


Program Keyless HITAG 3- OK!!!
Pincode from service.
lonsdor-k518-alfa-8 lonsdor-k518-alfa-9

Fiat Scudo

made by menu Citro?n type II

and before read PIN – Citro?n type I.

KD key all works.


Corolla id 67 good

Mondeo 2014 6e80 security Access failed, done with mvp
lonsdor-k518-alfa-11 lonsdor-k518-alfa-12



10 MIN

lonsdor-k518-alfa-13 lonsdor-k518-alfa-14

Program card – OK!!!
lonsdor-k518-alfa-15 lonsdor-k518-alfa-16

Mazda 3 2016 usa – no problem – done
lonsdor-k518-alfa-17 lonsdor-k518-alfa-18

Mustang 2016

proxy key with lonsdor 30 sec

Hyundai Santa Fe 2016 smart key
Key programming ok
Pin from service..

lonsdor-k518-alfa-19 lonsdor-k518-alfa-20

Read pin OK

Program immo OK

Program Remote OK
Pin Read by car, immo

and Remote by type… don’t remember witch type but success

Mazda cx7 2007 programming


Peugeot 206.

2002 year id 46 pin read ok

key programming failed

Key add with other device
lonsdor-k518-alfa-23 lonsdor-k518-alfa-24

Renault Kangoo 2009.

When i select Kangoo – faild.

Then I select Trafi? Ph3 – everything ok.



Peugeot Boxer 2018
3 min job


VW Caddy II 2009
Backup EEPROM ?
Read Immo data ?
Make dealer key ?
Learn key FAILED
It wrote timeout error.
But than comlepte with another device so dealer key was made right on Lonsdor.


Nissan NV400 2012 done (Master III 7947)
lonsdor-k518-alfa-29 lonsdor-k518-alfa-30

Corsa E 2016 Done

lonsdor-k518-alfa-31 lonsdor-k518-alfa-32

Renault Mascott add key


Seat Leon FR 2017 MQB


vw immo4, mqb,

backup immo data,

make dealer key,

programm key.

3-4 min. done!

(all vw seat skoda after 2013-14 is this mqb type)

lonsdor-k518-alfa-34 lonsdor-k518-alfa-35

2006 Opel vivaro key programming


Again, thanks to all users with Lonsdor k518

It’s kind of you to share all the test report with all

Renault key programmer advice: Lonsdor K518S or OBDSTAR DP Plus

Lonsdor K518S pros and cons: Bought it at cheaper price, but charge fee when programming key for most Renault car models except:

RENAULT\Select from type\Smart key\IMMO2 (Program smart key, Collision recovery) ;

RENAULT\Select from type\Smart key\IMMO1 (Program smart key, Collision recovery)

Lonsdor K518S covers almost all Renault car models, it has abilities of programming smart key, add key, read pin code, recover data etc.

OBDSTAR DP Plus pros and cons: Bought it more than 1000USD, but free update Renault car key programming within 1 year.

Part 1. Lonsdor K518S Key Programmer Renault Car List:

Lonsdor - K518S - Key - Programmer - Renault - Car -List

1)Lonsdor K518S Update on May 10th, 2019

Bypass PIN code…Confirmed

Offline… Confirmed

Immobilization: Renault Twingo 3 key Program

Software Optimization:

Renault Capture key program

Renault CLIO IV 2012 – key program

2)Lonsdor K518S Update on May 6th, 2019


Renault Symbol 2013-2018 key program

Dacia Snadero 2013- key program

Dacia Logan 2013 key program

Dacia Lodgy 2013 – key program

Dacia Duster 2013 – key program

3)Lonsdor K518S Update on April 27, 2019

Megane 4 (2015 -)

Make dealer key \ program smart key & Mechanical key

Scenic 4 (2015 -)

Make dealer key \ program smart key & Mechanical key

Espace (2015-)

Make dealer key \ program smart key & Mechanical key

Part 2. OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Renault IMMO Function List:

Newest RENAULT V30.57

Read/Calculator PinCode

Type 1(KWP)

Models From 1387 To 1390

Model Until 1387

Type 2(Auto Detected)

Type 3(Duster\Logan\Symbol… 95040 eeprom)

Program Keys







Smart Key System












Blade key

Card Key










Type 1

Type 2





Type 1

Type 2








Type 1

Type 2



Type 1

Type 2














Blade key

Card Key










Smart Key System











Blade key

Card Key








Blade key

Card Key










Type 1

Type 2







Collision Restart


OBDSTAR DP Plus newest update for Renault IMMO in April 2019 year:

1.Increased Kwid 2018 key programming

2.Increased Fluence 2012 blade key programming

3.Increased Master 2008- key programming (No Need Pincode)

4.Increased Trafic 2014- key programming (No Need Pincode)

5.Increased Twingo 2014- new version key programming (No Need Pincode)

6.Increased Logan 2014- new version key programming (No Need Pincode)

7.Updated Clio IV key programming and operation guide
8Updated Espace/Megane/Talisman/Scenic 2015 key programming procedure

9.Optimized Megane 4 2015-/Espace 2015-/Scenic 2016- generate dealer key procedure
10.Optimized Talisman 2015- key learning and generate dealer key and algorithm


Increased Sandero 2017 key programming


1.Increased the help index

2.Increased EV smart key system

3.Increased R7 IMMO system and smart key system

4.Increased R9 IMMO system and smart key system


Good luck.

How to use Xentry DAS on AVDI passthru?

What is the AVDI recognized by Xentry?

Xentry Passthru is different from from regular Xentry openshell. Xentry passthru does not use SDconnect toolkit. When you launch the program it will give you a dropdown where you can choose which J2534 device

How to use Xentry Passthru?

If you got the Xentry Passthru installed, there is a tool which will do the dirty work for you.

Normally it is not linked or doesnt have desktop shortcut but resides (at least in my installation)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Mercedes-Benz\xentry\bin\SelectPTDevice

IF you have installed your passthru (would that be AVDI or anything else) with correct drivers, registry entries etc it will just present you with list of options and you select your VCI from dropdown list.

Heard good things about AVDI J2534 compatibility (real thing, don’t know about clones) so it shouldn’t be a big deal. Recently i have tried to use BOSCH KTS560 as passthru and it works perfectly okay.

For curiosity, i did also test the 20-euro MiniVCI that gets normally bundled with Toyota techstream packages. to my surprise it also works albeit slow and sometimes freezes the application. This one can be actually made to work even with old DAS like 2009, 2012….it’s just matter of proper settings in cal.ini and slave.ini

For DAS/Xentry users:

Old thread – but do not run the SetPassThruDAS.exe, as it was written for DAS/Xentry for Windows XP, and not Openshell or Xentry Passthru. All you need to do is install a fresh OS (Windows 7 Enterprise x86 or x64 SP1) ideally on a physical laptop, connect the AVDI device to the USB port and run the SetupInterface_yourserialnumber_PASSTHRU_xxxxxxx.exe and Next through the setup process. If you have a current version of the Passthru software, you will see a grayed out option for installing drivers for DAS that you cannot select, but do not be concerned about that. It will detect the AVDI, and install the appropriate J2534 dll files in the Windows\System32 directory. Then continue installing your Passthru software provided on the Blu-ray from Daimler. It will take a while to install, and once it verifies your hardware ID and installs your StartKey, launch Xentry Passthru from the icon it creates, and it will prompt you first thing as to what interface you want to use. You will see Abritus72 AVDI PT (your serial number here) in the drop down box. Select that device, and that is all their is to it. Xentry should automatically communicate with the vehicle.

BMW ICOM NEXT A + B + C Wifi ICOM Next BMW Diagnostic And Programming Tool New Improved Functionality

BMW ICOM NEXT A+B+C is Super quality Latest Generation Diagnostic Head For BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce BMW-Model. Wifi ICOM Next BMW Diagnostic And Programming Tool Can Replace BMW ICOM A2, including all function of ICOM A2CnAutotool.com BMW ICOM NEXT A + B + C Wifi ICOM Next BMW Diagnostic And Programming Tool New Improved Functionality.

Best Quality BMW ICOM NEXT A + B + C Wifi ICOM Next BMW Diagnostic And Programming Tool Firmware Update To V1.40
bmw icom next

A + B + C - 图

OBD2Store.com BMW ICOM NEXT A + B + C Wifi ICOM Next BMW Diagnostic And Programming Tool New Improved Functionality:

1. Gbit workshop LAN, backwards compatible
2. Preparation for Gbit LAN on vehicle OBD(cars do not yet supportthis and interface not
yet defined,ICOM Next hardware adaptation will be necessary for future Gbit car
interface,will cause adaptation costs)
3. Faster start-up times and high throughput
4. Through high-performance,low-power ARM SoC
5. Improved handling
6. More flexible OBD cable
7. Lighted button for logs etc

BMW ICOM NEXT A+B+C from obd2store.com Overview?

Functionally compatible to ICOM A2
Mechanical design similar ICOM A2
Backwards compatible to car adapters (ICOM B, C) and motorcycle adapters (ICOM D, E)

OBD2Store.com– China OBD2 Tool, Automotive Diagnostic Tools, Car Key Programmer, OBD2 ECU chip tuning tool Center.