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How to Convert CGDI MB FBS3 Key Points into Tokens

This instruction (points conversion to tokens) here is used for CGDI MB BE key FBS3:

1.Support all FBS3
2.Never lose synchronization
3.Support Automatic Recovery
4.Suitable for 208,203,215,,
5.Applicable models: W221 W216 W164 W251 After Year 2009 Including: S Series, ML Series, GL Series and R Series.



Steps to convert key points into tokens:

Key points


The CG BE key is inserted to cgdi mb programmer


Key check: key points not collected


Collect points: key points collected successfully


Credits exchange: Yes to confirm to convert key points to credits/tokens


Note: Every 200 key points can be redeemed for one password calculation service


Successful redemption!

Now, you have tokens for password calculation.

If you dont have enough tokens, pls go to http

CGDI Prog MB can calculate the password twice free each day for the first 180 days. It will cost usd60 for another 180 days tokens, after you pay for it, you will be allowed to calculate online less than 4 times per day,too.

Note: pls leave your SN number (MB000xxx) when placing a order. it will be better to help add tokens for you, much faster if with your sn notes.

And if you have our other device like CGDI BMW (10000xxx), CGPRO 9S12 (9100xxxx), CG100 (16 digits),
pls remark all SN number also, we will arrange it. thanks. Any doubts,please contact us.
CGDI MB tokens policy:

– New Policy:

(Every day you can get 1 token for free, if you want to continue calculating password in a day, you can check tips below to get more tokens)

1 Point= 4.6USD, How to get points ?

CGDI BMW=2 Points, CGPR0=1 Point, CG100=1 Point ( Remark : Point will be limited per day and 5 points limited which should not show on interface)
Providing us an actual HD video for CGDI products to get 1 extra point.

– Old Policy: 60USD/half year

CGDI MB bought before 1st,June,2018

If you have CGDI MB and CGDI BMW,you can get 4 tokens.
If you have CGDI MB,CGDI BMW and CG-PRO, you can get 4 tokens.
If you have CGDI MB,CGDI BMW,CGPRO and CG-100, you can get 4 tokens.
If you have 2 CGDI MB and CGDI BMW,you can get 4 tokens.

CGDI MB bought after 1st June ,2018

If you have CGMB and CGDI BMW, you can get 3 tokens.
If you have CGDI MB ,CGOI BMW and CGPRO, you can get 4 tokens.
If you have CGDI MB,CGDI BMW,CG PRO and CG 100,you can get 4 tokens.
If you have 2 CGDIMB and CGDI BMW, you can get 3 tokens.

Warm Notice:
Please make sure you choose the correct policy to activate.

1If you choose the old policy to activate for the first time, you will not be able to change it into new policy in the future.
2If you choose the new policy to activate for the first lime, you can change it into old policy in the future ,but you will lose free service for the first 6 months of the old policy.

How to use X431 V+ with HD-III module for heavy duty truck diagnosis?

Launch HD-III module  is compatible with X431 V+, pad3, pro3 etc, only available for X-431 V+ of heavy duty trucks. With HD-III module, it can read the vehicle data and then send it to the X-431 V+ via wireless BT/WLAN communication. It will replace HD II module.

First is HD-III module outlook: in Blue color, with LED indicators etc.


As the 3rd generation of heavy-duty module, it works as a vehicle communication interface device, which is used to read the vehicle data and then send it to the X-431 V+ via wireless BT/WLAN communication. The LED indicators enable you to easily identify the working status of the module.


1 DC-IN power jack: For connecting the power adaptor.

2 Diagnostic socket: For connecting the diagnostic cable.

LED indicators: It is defined as follows:

? Vehicle: While communicating with the vehicle, the indicator lights up and flashes. Otherwise, it will not illuminate.

? Power: It illuminates solid red when the module is powered on.

? BT: Blue indicates the module is working in wireless BT mode.

? I/O: It lights up when the module is connected to the diagnostic tool via data cable (Currently disabled and only reserved for subsequent function extension).

* Wireless: It lights up when the module works as a wireless hotspot or network adaptor.

Data I/O port: Currently disabled and only reserved for subsequent function extension.

Second is HD-III module features in BT/WLAN communication.

HD-III module: send the vehicle data to the diagnostic tool via wireless Bluetooth or Wlan

WIFI module:


* Frequency range: 2412-2472MHz

* Transmit power: 19.29dBm

Wireless BT module:


? Frequency range: 2402-2480MHz

* Transmit power: 16.62dBm

Launch X-431 V+ is compatible with HD-III module VCI module. Besides the BT communication, the HD-III VCI module comes loaded with a built-in WLAN module, which can work as a wireless hotspot or a network adaptor.

Below shows how the X-431 V+ system works.


Third is on how to connect HD-III module to the vehicle?


a). For commercial vehicles, refer to the above connection method to proceed.

b). For passenger vehicles, replace the “Non-16pin connector” with “OBD I adaptor” +

“non-16pin connector (for passenger vehicles)”. Other connections shall also apply.

Finally, diagnose with X431 V+.

It is required to register as member, activate the connector, download the software etc.

It is claimed to be able to update online for one year. Any confusion that you may have, there is a sheet of quick guide to follow.

X431 HD III Quick Start Guide

X431 V+ user manual

X-431 HD III heavy truck module overseas online configuration Software List


Download iProg Pro Crack Software for Windows Vista/XP/7/8

Here, you can download Iprog Pro Programmer version 2018 & 2019.

Link 1: unknown security!

2018 iprog pro download free:

Link 2: tested successfully

2019 iprog pro crack download:

operation system recommendation: Window 7 32 bit

(need luck to install iprog+ v76 on Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8)

tested by pros working for CnAutotool.com

confirmed to work for airbag, dashboard, car radio, ecu, eeprom, immo, mcu and special functions

Work with odometers on OBDII connector
Work with odometers on the table through adapters
Work with multimedia unlocking the tape recorder
Work with keys (IMMO, Transponders), copying, preparation, unlocking
Work with IMMO-Key Auto dumps
Work with the airbag computer, deleting crash data
Transfer readings from miles to km
Read and write processors and its used in cars
Remove the particulate filter in the dump
Work with keys to the intercom
Read Pin cod from dump (some brands)

confirmed to work with iprog pro clone price: $210 (covered shipping)

iprog plus odometer correction test repor

car: TOYOTA RAV4 2010

old odometer: 555


new odometer: 12345


odometer correction process:

iprog-pro-toyota-odometer-correction-3 iprog-pro-toyota-odometer-correction-4 iprog-pro-toyota-odometer-correction-6 iprog-pro-toyota-odometer-correction-7 iprog-pro-toyota-odometer-correction-8

iprog-pro-toyota-odometer-correction-9 iprog-pro-toyota-odometer-correction-10 iprog-pro-toyota-odometer-correction-11

result: success!

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Program Ford Edge 2014 Smart Key

OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS will program keys on old (pre-2014) and new (2017 up) Ford Edge. Both add key and all keys lost.  Here we have successfully added a new smart key to a Edge year 2103 via OBD.

Turn on ignition switch
Put original smart key into the cup holder
Select Immobilizer-Ford->Smart key system->Edge->Asia->pre-2014
obdstar-ford-edge-2013-smart-key-1 obdstar-ford-edge-2013-smart-key-2 obdstar-ford-edge-2013-smart-key-3 obdstar-ford-edge-2013-smart-key-4 obdstar-ford-edge-2013-smart-key-5

Put new smart key into the cup holder
Built communication
Select Program Smart Keys

Configuring system

Program key success. Continue to add another key or quit

Test the new smart key. It works.
obdstar-ford-edge-2013-smart-key-9 obdstar-ford-edge-2013-smart-key-10

(Solved) Ford VCM IDS 3 Error: Unregistered or license expired

Question: Hello the problem is that I lost the order number of the piece but I bought Ford VCM IDS six months ago

it turns out that the program got blocked and I updated it on your page and the FLY gives me that message
I bought the piece with the 111 version for ford and mazda and on its page it is with the 113 version I would like to know if you can help me with this problem that I have I would appreciate beforehand for your help

Error message:


I have the same as what’s claimed on the web

SEC-E9 key cutting machine Review: Cut ROC/tubular/T60 keys all OK

SEC-E9 is a portable metal desktop air cooling fully automatic smart key cutting machine, which is able to cut standard keys and high security keys, such as BMW, VW, HONDA, OPEL and more. It also supports cutting house keys, incl. dimple keys, tubular keys, single standard keys and motorcycle keys.


Here have collected some test reports on cutting R.O.C keys, tubular keys and dimple keys by

[Promotion] July Special Offer with 3 Items! GM Tech2, Launch X431 Pro Mini, Iprog+ Key Programmer

For July, we prepared a special Offer for following tools, if you need them, please don’t miss this discount:

1. GM Tech 2 Tech 2 Diagnostic Scanner Tool Full Package with GM TIS2000 Software

259USD DHL fast shipping
Original Price: 285USD

2. Original Launch X431 Pro Mini WiFi/Bluetooth Full System Diagnostic Tool

659USD DHL Free shipping
Original Price:679USD

3. Iprog+ Iprog Pro Programmer Support IMMO + Mileage Correction + Airbag Reset till year 2019

239USD DHL Free shipping
Original Price:289USD

How to Solve the Problem NEXIQ-2 USB Link + Software can’t run keygen ?

NEXIQ-2 Support Heavy-Duty, Light-and Medium-Duty Trucks, CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT like (Wheel loader, Articulated Hauler and Excavator), Genset.

Some customers have the problem that the software can’t run keygen , please check the pictures as bellow :

Need to active :

Cummins insite 7.5 :

Pc id : 43873FA7

Caterpillar E.T . :

License code : 3295 668C 8D56 CE1E CD16 4E7C



Version : 07.05-01301-00000

Computer ID : E8-BE-28-1E-2D


DDDL doesnt need to active but operate in the crack method ( You can check the instructions in the CD )

Any other request , welcome to contact us at sale@cnautotool.com

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Solution to John Deere 4.2 error ” Application not found”

When installing John Deere 4.2, someone may run into an error ” Application not found” (Please look at the below image)

Application - not - found


Solution 1: use virtual drive software (alcohol120 or clonedrive) to setup JD SA. don’t start installation from a folder with extracted files.

Solution 2 (Supplied by cnautotool.com engineer)

For John Deere Service Advisor 4.2, the software is contained in one Hard disk, just plug the hard disk into the computer, start the program, then contact the supplier for remote activation.

How to Program CGDI ELV Emulator with CGDI MB Step by Step

How-to: program CGDI ELV Emulator with CGDI Prog MB Benz key programmer step by step.


In CGDI MB Software, choose Compute Password option->Collect Data-> The 1 generation key
We start with insert key in EIS
Remove key and insert it in CGDI IR shown as picture
We have to wait till its is 100% loaded without touching the key

Remove key from CGDI MB and insert it back in EIS

Pull key out of EIS

Reinsert key into EIS

Pull key out and count to 5 seconds then insert it back again, then press OK

Insert key into CGDI IR

Save generated data, choose wherever you want to save data

Then we can upload the data to server

Press Query Result and wait till the password is calculated

Calculate pass success. Press Copy button

We choose EIS now and press Read EIS Data
Then paste the copied password previously

Save EIS data

Now we go to ELV option
Choose Simulator
Load EIS data saved previously

Press Write

It will give you message Connect the yellow Kline from the OBD cable to the CGDI ELV emulator

Writing success, now you can use the emulator
Turn on ignition switch to activate it.