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Possible to use Toyota Techstream with GM MDI Interface?

Here’s the tutorial on how to use GM MDI (Multiple Diagnostic Interface) with Toyota Techstream software. This is not necessary because the MINI VCI passthru cable is very cheap for techstream.  The guide is for those who are interested in finding a good mvci alternative.

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 1

Disclaimer: You are at your risk.  We are not hold the responsibility for the damage.


Techstream has only 2 default pass-thru device selection options: TIS Techstream VIM and Xhorse MVCI

So first step we need to add MDI to the VIM selection.

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 2

Connect GM MDI interface with vehicle (here we use Windows 7 machine) via USB cable

MDI supports WiFi connection as well, but obviously we need to use USB connection here

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 3

Go to Professional Diagnostic Tool MDI software folder and find MDI Manager driver

Install MDI Manager driver setup

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 4

Install the GM MDI Software InstallShield Wizard

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 5

Configure USB

Power on the MDI, wait for the “beep”. Ten connect it to the PC with the USB  cable(already connected it).

Press the Configure button when ready. Configuration may take several minutes.

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 6

Finish installing MDI driver.

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 7

Open GM MDI Manager on desktop

MDI is not yet connected

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 8

Open Techstream software

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 9

Now the MDI passthru is added to the VIM selection

Select MDI interface and press OK

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 10

Accept Windows Security Private networks and allow access

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 11

MDI not connected (require configuration)

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 12

Open GM MDI Manager on desktop again

System prompts no MDIs detected

It require to recover MDI, press Recover button

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 13

If it warns MDI software is out of date. Run Start Update

Do not unplug the MDI from the PC or remove power from the MDI during the update process.

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 14

The MDI will automatically restart when update completed

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 15

Now the MDI interface is connected

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 16Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 15

Run Techstream again

Choose MDI interface

Initialize USB communication and connecting

Check the indicators on MDI adapter

Communication is built

Select vehicle model and start diagnose Toyota.


Which Ford key programming is Better ?

Want to know the comparisons for VCM 2 ,FLY FVDI J2534 & VCM IDS 3 ? Lets check one customer’s experience as following :

Question :

I just found out that my tools are not enough and need to get one of the tools mentioned to initialize module on 2011+ Ford cars and vans.

I did a lot of key programming, FIP/PCM initialization, on 2001 fords, 2006+, 2010, with Launch/Forscan, but on newer EURO5 cars I can only adapt keys, but can’t initialize the ECU. It asks for incode by outcode, which I do not have access since code generators work until 05/2010 and my tools can’t calculate it.
So, what should I choose ? VCM II clone, FLY FVDI J2534 or VCM IDS 3 ?
VCM II HQ clone is best tool of that bunch, but be aware that you will still need incode/outcode for key/security related work. You do not normally need this for programmable module installation so long as there is already a PCM present which can be read by the VCM.
Ford VCM II links for your reference :
More request , welcome to contact us

FAQs for VAS5054A ODIS 5.1.5 Diagnostic Interface

Hi everyone , if you want to know something about VAS5054A ODIS service 5.1.5 , please check the details as bellow :

1.Where to download ODIS latest version 5.1.5?

password: stbtl4

It’s ODIS 5.1.5 Postsetup 89.0.50

It can work for VAS5054 and VAS6154

2.Does ODIS 5.1.5 POSTSETUP 89.0.50 (07.06.2019) work with VAS5054A?

For clone Vas5054a (if you mean this) you must use same workaround (the Pdu Api replace) and as always only under Windows 7……….

3.Possible to run this is in windows 10 64bit?

to make an installation without having to make a new installation go to the desktop create a folder with the new postsetup file then start the program as an administrator go to admin in the program and go to connections where you find the server’s ip address, I replace it with the folder created in Previous and save it then go extra and go to update and start it and the program will start downloading all the data based on the license you installed once you have finished. You will see that a warning triangle will appear at the bottom right. above and it will come out three wordings update, not update, update then turn off go to update and then switch off, load everything and make it switch off.you get the computer change the lancer and plugins and you’re ok

4.Can I install ECU Programming Tool ODIS new version over old version?

If you mean old version 5.1.3 yes you can just after updater finish use again the cracked files………

If you have 5.0.3 it is recommend to uninstall and then to install the 5.1.5……..

Note, uninstall complete the 4.2.3 and then install the 5.1.5………..

5.Is this Launcher (5.1.5) works with new Odis version 5.1.6? have anyone tried it?

yes, but you have to copy plugins folder and louncher exe again

take care you have postsetup 89.5.10 or higher
Hi all, how to resolve this problem, it`s abnormal to get just 159MB to download from postsetup

and no data found

in your case do following carefully:

1. de installation of odis Service over control Panel

2. restart pc

3. delete Folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Offboard_Diagnostic_Information_System_Service\

4. delete Folder C:\ODIS-DIAG-MODULES

5. restart pc

6. install odis-s new. after finish installation do not restart pc

7. copy OffboardDiagLauncher.exe to installation folder and overwrite the exited file. (should be in your package)

8. copy plugins folder (should be in your package)

to C:\Program Files (x86)\Offboard_Diagnostic_Information_System_Service\

(in this folder must be the de.volkswagen.odis.vaudas.launcher_4.51.2.jar !!)

9. restart pc

10. installation of postsetup

I get a problem while installing odis 5.1.5 first when i installed there was an issue with vas 5054A connection then i uninstalled it when i do the installation again this error pops up

Put the unziped data into the \PostSetup\Odis folder and iset in the Odis-S application MIRROR SERVER2 to this drive letter.

More details for vas5054 or other auto diagnostic tools, welcome to contact us any time

OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS Read 2014 Dodge Durango Pin Code

How-to: extract 4-digit Pin Code on a Dodge Durango year 2014 with OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS.

Connect X300 DP PLUS and P001 adapter with vehicle via OBD
Turn on ignition switch
Select Immobilizer->Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep-> Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep  V30.49->Select from Vehicle-> Durango-> 2014->Read Pin Code
obdstar-x300-dp-plus-2014-dodge-durango-1 obdstar-x300-dp-plus-2014-dodge-durango-2 obdstar-x300-dp-plus-2014-dodge-durango-3

obdstar-x300-dp-plus-2014-dodge-durango-4 obdstar-x300-dp-plus-2014-dodge-durango-5 obdstar-x300-dp-plus-2014-dodge-durango-6

Function is available by connecting server. Make sure you have enable network connection.
Switch ignition off. Press emergency light

Reading pin code in process

OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS read 4-digit pin code success

Now you can add new keys with the PIN.

ODIS-E Offboard Diagnostic Information System Engineering 11.0.0 Download Free (No Time Limit)

Freee download Offboard Diagnostic Information System Engineering 11.0.0

There is no time limit, the license expires in 2030
To save you time, name defaults to 1



It is the engineering version of ODIS-S. It features direct access to the platform projects, direct access to the ECU Programmer, and direct access to its diagnostic functions. If you exactly know what you are doing this is best solution.

As the title it is usually only available and used for engineering purposes. But that does not mean the tool is more powerful than ODIS-S:

It does not bypass any ECU functions or contains security codes or something.

Only benefit is probably that you can see some functions and coding with text. It’s just a better usability and strictly access to diagnostic functions.

It’s different from ODIS-S.


ODIS Service is the “new” official diagnostic tool. It’s java based and is able to do also any diagnostic service supposed to be done in repair shops. Most of them of course online. And it also features guided reps (so did VAS PC).

Question: Error installing PostSetup: ODS9029E

Solution: download the new license and copy the license to
“C: ProgramData\Offboard_Diagnostic_Information_System_Engineering\license”
Reinstall PostSetup and the problem will be solved!

Is the activation clean without any limits or splash screens?

Activation is clean and there is no time limit

Have you managed to install the projects ?, and if so, how have you put them ?, copy and paste ?, because I do not recognize the program

It should be just copy + paste the folder in “C:\ODIS-DIAG-MODULES-ENGIN\MCD-PROJECTS-Engineering\DSVR-ProdiMCD\”  <—- that is the way, what worked on older versions.
I’m not sure if it works same on this version, but it should. (I’m still waiting for key, that’s why i’m not sure)

Is the link safe?

Your own risk. For sake of security, use my link:

It works as it claims, it workswith VAS 5054A and VAS6154 china clone

LAUNCH X431 PADIII vs Launch X431 V 8inch multi-brand diagnostic tool

Launch X431 PAD III is a very professional multi-brand diagnostic tool . There are far more features, special functions and passenger cars / heavy duty trucks brands compared to Launch X431 V 8inch. Besides Launch X431 PADIII enjoys 3-year free update online.

Here Launch X431 PAD III full package:
launch-x431-padiii-vs-x431-v-1 launch-x431-padiii-vs-x431-v-2

Packed with:

1pc x X-431 PAD III Display Tablet
1pc x VC Module
1pc x Power Adapter for X-431 PAD III
1pc x Type A to B Cable
1pc x Diagnostic Cable
1pc x Power Adaptor for VCI Module
1pc x Cigarette Lighter Cable
1pc x Battery Clamps Cable
1pc x HD In / Ouut Cable
1pc x Password Envelope
1pc x Non-16pin Adaptor Cable
1pc x Quick Start Guide

Here Launch X431 V 8inch full package:


Packed with:

1pc x X-431 v handset
1pc x Password envelope
1pc x X-431 v protection sleeve
1pc x DBScar diagnostic connector (For connecting OBD II vehicles)
1pc x OBD II extension cable
1pc x Cigarette lighter cable
1pc x Power adaptor
1pc x USB data cable
1pc x Non-16pin connector  (For connecting non-OBD II vehicle)

Launch X431 PADIII car model list and function list:

Firstly click on “Passenger car series“, then “Heavy duty series“.

Passenger cars range: European, American, Asian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Malaysian etc. 190 car brands in total.

Heavy duty series: world-wide branded trucks

***By clicking on the specific car brand, you can select “Model, year, system, function”.


And click on “Reset” under “Passenger car series” for service reset functions, including:

AFS reset, bleeding, Bat. reset, brake reset, DPF regeneration, ETS reset, EGR adaption, gearbox, gear learn, injector, immo, oil reset, SAS reset, sus reset, sunroof, TPMS reset etc.

For  “Heavy duty series”, there is only one single special function “Sunroof” for Benz, BMW, Chrysler.

***By clicking on the specific reset function, you can select “Brand, Model, Year”.


Launch X431 V 8inch car model list and function list:

It only works with the car models not heavy duty trucks.

X431 V coverage: from Europe, America, Asia, India, Maylaysia, China etc.

X431 V special functions: Brake reset, Oil reset, SAS Rest, BAT reset, Bleeding , Elec. throttle Relearn, TPMS reset, DPF reset., Gear learning, IMMO, etc, also support special function such as BMW idle study, BMW injection rate adjustment, BMW battery replacement, Nissan matching key.

Here you can have X431 V all details (carlist, special functions list, how to register, how to update, how to use etc)
launch-x431-padiii-vs-x431-v-6 launch-x431-padiii-vs-x431-v-7 launch-x431-padiii-vs-x431-v-8

To sum up:

Therefore, it is obvious that Launch X431 PADIII is much more powerful than Launch X431 V, and the price is also higher than X431 V. X431 PADIII is a new product in 2019 with higher hardware configuration. X431 V is an old diagnostic tool that has been well-received by many customers.

Iprog+ pro Clone Feedback Yes & No from Users

During the past 3 months, more than 150 users purchased Iprog Pro Programmer. After several weeks of follow-up, this article author collected 5 customer feedbacks, including one customer’s problem and solution. Many thanks to all genuine users.

Here we can start:

Iprog+ clone review 1:

Isuzu Dmax 2010 all key lost done by Iprog+ clone
isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-1 isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-2 isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-3

Iprog+ clone review 2:

I ordered one iprog clone, I can cofirm that Iprog+ clone is working perfect on these keys: to reset a used Smartkey of Subaru Impreza (renew, make virgin), it is a DENSO 14ACA Type.


Iprog+ clone review 3:

Iprog clone masos for the drop of the car and the car box will be closed dpf egr evap car toyota and Lexus will make the car use the stand.

isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-5 isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-6 isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-7 isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-8 isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-9

Iprog+ clone review 4:

My iprog+ clone can do good work.

Credits to one DK veteran.


Next is to Iprog+ clone problems and solutions:

Problem 1: I have a 2010 GMC terrain , I purchased the car and it has 999999 on the dash board when I scanned it, GDS2 shows me it has 16.7 million miles , my question is I am trying to put the mileage back to original state of 257.000 KM car is Canadian  I am going to be using iprog+  is the info for it in the BCM or the cluster or Both.


BCM should be enough, but if the dash does not display new mileage you may need to do both. 24c16 in dash and BCM.

Problem 2: How to solve iprog clone pin test error?

Q: I bought a Key Programming Tool iprog+ clone from ebay in last week. but I tried read eeprom in dash, there was a pin test error massage .I try with 93c56,86,and 66 but this error occur.

A: Connect the eeprom adapter only and run the Adapter Test.ipr in menu to check wether the adapter is good or bad.

Q: sir I tested and this massage show and after translate to English….

Power-up test …
Installation: 2.6 V, Real: 1.3 V (1.3) Error 10B = 0.9 Error
Installation: 2.8 V, Real: 1.3 V (1.5) Error 10B = 0.9 Error
Installation: 2.9 V, Real: 1.3 V. (1.6) Error 10B = 0.9 Error
Installation: 3.1 V, Real: 1.3 V (1.8) Error 10B = 0.9 Error
Installation: 3.4 V, Real: 1.3 V (2.1) Error 10B = 0.9 Error
Installation: 3.8 V, Really: 1.4 V. (2.4) Error 10B = 0.9 Error
Installation: 4.3 V, Really: 1.4 V. (2.9) Error 10B = 0.9 Error
Installation: 5.0 V, Really: 1.5 V. (3.5) Error 10B = 1.0 Error
!!!!!!!! Overload on power supply, the test is terminated.



The eprom adapter can be repaired.
The diagram can help you.


To be continued…


Xtool EZ400 Pro Function and Vehicle List

Xtool EZ400 Pro Function and Vehicle List

Here we share some images about Xtool EZ400 Pro Function  and Vehicle

1.EZ400 Pro Full System Diagnostic Display
Function - and - Vehicle - List - 1 Function - and - Vehicle - List - 2

2.EZ400 Pro Including 4 Major System:Engine,Gearbox,ABS and Airbag Diagnostics

Function - and - Vehicle - List - 3

3.Support One-Click Free Online Update

Function - and - Vehicle - List - 4

4.The range of Vehicle Coverage
Function - and - Vehicle - List - 5

Diagnosis Vehicle List

Function - and - Vehicle - List - 6

Key Programming Vehicle List

Function - and - Vehicle - List - 7

Mileage Adjustment Vehicle List

Function - and - Vehicle - List - 8

Xtool EZ500 Full System Test on Volvo S80 2009 ,Successfull

Xtool EZ500 Full System Test on Volvo S80 2009 ,Successfull

Here is the steps from our customer who showed how to test Volvo S80 2009

Connect car models and XTOOL EZ500 full system.

Start the car and choose car models in device and waiting for download

Volvo - S80 - 2009 - 1 Volvo - S80 - 2009 - 2

Volvo - S80 - 2009 - 3

Volvo - S80 - 2009 - 4

Volvo - S80 - 2009 - 5

Volvo - S80 - 2009 - 6

Volvo - S80 - 2009 - 7
Volvo - S80 - 2009 - 8 Volvo - S80 - 2009 - 9 Volvo - S80 - 2009 - 10
Volvo - S80 - 2009 - 11 Volvo - S80 - 2009 - 12 Volvo - S80 - 2009 - 13 Volvo - S80 - 2009 - 14
for more informations,please browser the following link