Enable/Disable ATC for Wabco HPB Brake by JPRO

2023 JPRO Diagnostics kit with ATC eable/disable function,here show you guide on how to use JPRO Diagnostics to enable or disable ATC (Automatic Traction Control) for Wabco HPB brake.

The Enable/Disable ATC test is available on:
✓ Wabco HPB brakes and all pneumatic braking systems where the J1587 communication protocol is available

The Enable/Disable ATC test provides the ability to temporarily disable and/or re-enable the ATC on the brake system. Once disabled, the ATC will remain disabled until the user re-enables it or the engine is key-cycled.

The ATC must be disabled prior to performing dyno testing.
1 Select the Enable/Disable ATC (Automatic Traction Control) and press Enter or the Start button.
2 The test dialog will be displayed.

How to EnableDisable ATC for Wabco HPB Brake by JPRO?

3 The Disable button will disable the ATC and the Enable button will re-enable ATC. The center lamp will display the current state of the vehicle. JPRO DLA+ 2.0
4 The ATC lamp indicator reflects the current state of the ATC dash lamp on the vehicle. It is expected that the ATC lamp indicator will be on when the ATC is disabled and off when the ATC is enabled.
5 Select Exit to return to the Test Selection window.


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