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How to Program CGDI ELV Emulator with CGDI MB Step by Step

How-to: program CGDI ELV Emulator with CGDI Prog MB Benz key programmer step by step.


In CGDI MB Software, choose Compute Password option->Collect Data-> The 1 generation key
We start with insert key in EIS
Remove key and insert it in CGDI IR shown as picture
We have to wait till its is 100% loaded without touching the key

Remove key from CGDI MB and insert it back in EIS

Pull key out of EIS

Reinsert key into EIS

Pull key out and count to 5 seconds then insert it back again, then press OK

Insert key into CGDI IR

Save generated data, choose wherever you want to save data

Then we can upload the data to server

Press Query Result and wait till the password is calculated

Calculate pass success. Press Copy button

We choose EIS now and press Read EIS Data
Then paste the copied password previously

Save EIS data

Now we go to ELV option
Choose Simulator
Load EIS data saved previously

Press Write

It will give you message Connect the yellow Kline from the OBD cable to the CGDI ELV emulator

Writing success, now you can use the emulator
Turn on ignition switch to activate it.


How to Activate CGDI Prog MB (2019 New Activation Guide)

Users should download CGDI software and provide device Serial Number to activate the CGDI Prog MB in the past.  But now CGDI has changed the activation method.

How to activate CGDI MB key programmer?


1). Open CGDI MB software, select “Online Store” tab


2) The next screen will prompt device activation status. This device has not been activated.

Select service version: Basic version or Advanced version.

Basic Edition:

Only 1 password calculation per day.

Activation will receive a free subscription service for 12 months, free renewal.

Advanced Edition:

Users enjoy 2 password calculations per day

Activation will receive a free subscription service for 6 months, renewal 50 yuan/month.


3). Select the version you desired. Press “Activate”

Note: Once select your version. It cannot be changed after activation. I.e The basic version cannot be changed to advanced version.

How to use CGDI Prog MB Mercedes Benz Key Programmer

2017 new CGDI Prog MB is the fastest key programming tool to calculate Mercedes password and add key at present. Here is the user manual of CGDI MB key programmer.

MB - Mercedes - Benz - 1

Main Function:

1.Add a MB key or do all key lost: support models including 211,209,204,207,212,166,246,197,172,164+, 216

2. Fastest Benz Car key add: collection time 1’50s, password calculation time 40s, 99% get password for one time calculator

Workable Benz Car Model:
Mercedes-Benz A series (2004 -)
Mercedes-Benz B series (2005-)
Mercedes-Benz C Series (2001 – , including 210)
Mercedes-Benz E Series (2001-, including 203)
Mercedes-Benz CL series (2001-)
Mercedes-Benz GLK (2004-)
Mercedes-Benz ML series (2003 -)
Mercedes-Benz R series  (2003 -)
Mercedes-Benz G series (2003 -)
Mercedes-Benz S Series (2001 -, including 220)
Mercedes-Benz SLK  (2003- )
Mercedes-Benz SLS (2004 -)
Mercedes-Benz Vito (2003-)
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2003 -)
Mercedes-Benz Vito (2003 -)

EIS/EZS Function:
1). Can read EIS data via OBD, no need to distinguish the EIS/EZS model.
2). Can display the key status and directly disable the key position.
3). Can display EIS Number, can distinguish the Benz model
4). Can display EIS status.
5). Automatically identify EIS model.
6). Automatically identify CAN protocol

Programming Key Features:
1). Automatically identify the basic key information (including how many times you used SSID)
2). Can directly read pin code of BE keys via infrared, can erase BE keys.
3). NEC adapter can write the original Benz smart key and common key.
4). Can write the Benz original key via infrared.
5). Can restore the data of key and EIS with the key password.

Generate the Key Data:
1) Can generate the key data of HC05/908/912/9S12/NEC EIS/EZS
2) Time: 26 seconds
3) Format: 11/ 41/51 (41 format is smart key data)

Infrared Key Function:
1) Can directly read key pin code via infrared on parts of 209/211/220/215 EIS.
2)Can read/write EIS via infrared.

CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer User Manual

How to use CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer?

Lock (EIS)

MB - Mercedes - Benz -2

Read EIS data

MB - Mercedes - Benz -3

Calculate password

Copy key with key

MB - Mercedes - Benz -4 MB - Mercedes - Benz -5

Please insert key into EIS and click OK

MB - Mercedes - Benz -6

Insert the key into the device and click OK


MB - Mercedes - Benz -7

Insert the original car key into the lock

Insert key into the device and wait for collection

Insert the car key into the lock for 10s and remove it

Insert the key into EIS

After 5s, insert the key into EIS

Insert the key into CGDI MB

Save the generated data

MB - Mercedes - Benz -8

MB - Mercedes - Benz -9 MB - Mercedes - Benz -10 MB - Mercedes - Benz -11

MB - Mercedes - Benz -12 MB - Mercedes - Benz -13 MB - Mercedes - Benz -14 MB - Mercedes - Benz -15 MB - Mercedes - Benz -16
Save data

MB - Mercedes - Benz -17

Upload data

MB - Mercedes - Benz -18 MB - Mercedes - Benz -19

Query Result
MB - Mercedes - Benz -20 MB - Mercedes - Benz -21

Query end

MB - Mercedes - Benz -22

Calculate password word success. Copy the key pass

MB - Mercedes - Benz -23

Paste the key password

MB - Mercedes - Benz -24

Confirm key pass and Save EIS data

MB - Mercedes - Benz -25

MB - Mercedes - Benz -26

Save EIS data file successfully, click OK

Click Generate EE

MB - Mercedes - Benz -27

Load EIS File

MB - Mercedes - Benz -28

MB - Mercedes - Benz -29

Generate Key File

MMB - Mercedes - Benz -30

Load EIS file and confirm key password

MB - Mercedes - Benz -31

MB - Mercedes - Benz -32

Read/Write key

Click OK to confirm

MB - Mercedes - Benz -33

Write BE key: select communication mode: Infrared

(NEC adapter: used for writing original  key, including smart key. Method: remove the chip to weld)
MB - Mercedes - Benz -34

Read key/chip

Open/Write (insert the key into devices before click)
MB - Mercedes - Benz -35

CGDI MB shows NEC adapter, ignore it

MB - Mercedes - Benz -36

Smart key please choose 41 format, common key and BE key please choose 51 format.

MB - Mercedes - Benz -37

select location to write key

MB - Mercedes - Benz -38

MB - Mercedes - Benz -39

Write key success

MB - Mercedes - Benz -40

MB - Mercedes - Benz -41

Password display area. Manually write down the password.

BE key read password directly, no need collect data.

Program Mercedes W221 All Keys Lost with CGDI MB and AC Adapter

CGDI Prog MB is possible to program Mercedes Benz W164 2009-/W221 2009- in 2 ways:  via OBD and on bench.

OBD mode takes about 2 hours.
Bench reading shorten the online calculation time to less than 4 minutes. (This requires CGDI MB AC adapter).

Here’s the how-to guide to program W221 all keys lost with CGDI MB on bench.

Step 1: Calculate Password
Open CGDI MB software

Go to Compute Password->Copy key without key->Collect data
Select collect data via Platform mode (quick collection)

Connect the AC Adapter with cgdi follow the wiring diagram
Insert the simulation key within 1 minute, if you have inserted, pull it out and try again

Turn the quick collect adapter switch to the Platform position
Turn ignition switch to ON position
Collection is done.Very fast.

Save file.
Save the file successfully. Upload the data to calculate password.

Upload data just saved

Press Query Result to calculate pass

CGDI MB calculates password success.
Copy the password

Step 2: Save new EIS data
Go to EIS->Read EIS data

Paste the password to corresponding area

Save EIS data

Step 3: Generate Key File


Select Generate Key File function

cgdi-mb-w221-all-key-lost-10 cgdi-mb-w221-all-key-lost-11
Select key file format and press Generate Key File
Save key file


Step 4: Write Key

Go to Read/Write Key->Read Key/Chip

Then Reset

Reset operation success

Read key again, check key information
Press Open/Write

Choose a key file (common BE key choose v51 format)
Write key success

CGDI Prog MB Renew Benz W221 DSM on Bench

How to: reset/renew Mercedes Benz W221 Continental DSM using CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer on bench.


Follow cgdi prog wiring diagram to connect DSM unit with CGDI MB

ccgdi-mb-w221-renew-dsm-2 cgdi-mb-w221-renew-dsm-3

In CGDI MB software, select Auto Computer, Module type W221->ISM/DSM/ESM

Read DSM information


Press Get to calculate erase password

Erase password calculated successfully


Press Erase


Reset DSM success
cgdi-mb-w221-renew-dsm-8 cgdi-mb-w221-renew-dsm-9


How to Repair Mercedes Benz W204, W207, W212 ELV with CGDI Prog MB

How-to: repair Mercedes Benz W204, W207, W212 ELV using CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer.

Repair ELV with CGDI MB

Make good connection.

The CG-MB detects whether the EIS is normal. If normal, it can be repaired via OBD.


OBD connects with car, open CGDI software,click ‘Read ELV data ‘


please connect the clip on the yellow line of the OBD line to the k-line on the ELV plug.

Read data successfully, display related information

Check ELV is ok. Start repairing ELV


Get ELV erase password


Erase the ELV success

Read ELV data again, to display related information after erasing

Collect and calculate the anti-theft password


Read EIS Data


Enter ‘compute password’, select ‘copy key with key’(If lost all keys, you can choose ‘copy key without key


Default “other keys”, click OK


The collection process won’t be described one by one, just operate as the software instructed, eventually you
can obtain the anti-theft password


copy and paste the password to EIS


Save EIS data ( please default file name)


Get erase password successfully


Click ‘wipe the EIS,Suggest that insert the simulation key into the EIS in 30 seconds


Physical operation diagram


Erase the EIS success


CGDI MB Read EIS data again,display related information


Load original data(Previously saved EIS data)


Click ‘Write EIS data ‘


please insert the simulation key into the EIS in 30 seconds


Physical operation diagram


Write EIS data success


Read EIS data again, display related


click“sync w204 ELV”,prompt ‘sycn w204 ELV success, please insert key into EIS for activation


Activated successfully , ELV can be used normally.