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SEC-E9 key cutting machine Review: Cut ROC/tubular/T60 keys all OK

SEC-E9 is a portable metal desktop air cooling fully automatic smart key cutting machine, which is able to cut standard keys and high security keys, such as BMW, VW, HONDA, OPEL and more. It also supports cutting house keys, incl. dimple keys, tubular keys, single standard keys and motorcycle keys.


Here have collected some test reports on cutting R.O.C keys, tubular keys and dimple keys by

How to get car key data for cutting keys with SEC-E9 key machine

There are 3 ways to get auto key information with SEC-E9 key cutting machine

Key data can be gor by:

IC card

car model

key blank

in detail…

How to get key data by IC card on Key Programming tool SEC-E9 key machine:

1 go to “search” on the home page


2 press “KCode” and input the IC card you know, then “search”

3 go to “Menu” and read “Info”


4 check the data if they are what you want or not


How to get key info by model on SEC-E9 machine:

1 go to “Automobiles”


2 select a car make – model – year
sec-e9-key-machine-enter-key-data-ic-card-6 sec-e9-key-machine-enter-key-data-ic-card-7 sec-e9-key-machine-enter-key-data-ic-card-8

3 read key info


How to get key data by key blank on SEC-E9 key cutting machine

1 go to “Search”


2 input the key blank, then search

3 then you can get the key data


SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Android Version vs. Windows Version

SEC-E9 CNC automotive key cutting machine has improved the hardware to generation IV with Android tablet since January 2019.

What’s the benefits of the new Android tablet comparing the old Windows system?

What’s new of SEC-E9 Android tablet?

1.Industrial-grade dedicated display screen, 8” capacitive tablet, longer lifetime, 12 months warranty;

2.Android system runs smoothly and refuse automatic system upgrade;

3.One-button start, Faster boot speed;

4.No battery, More safety;

5.USB connection, More stable signal transmission;

6.Embedded display screen;

7.Massive key data, Simpler key cutting;

8.Simpler interface, Clear layer distribution, Easy to use;

9.Classic color, Exquisite Appearance.


SEC-E9 Hardware upgrade:  Generation I vs. II vs. III vs. IV