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vag com 12.12 software install guide

July 7, 2015 Eva 0

Auto diagnostic obd Vagcom 12.12 diagnostic interface vag com 12.12 software install guide Step 1. Drivers path: C:Ross-TechVCDS Step 2. Computer time into 2013.10.1 (each software […]

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VAGCOM VCDS Description

July 6, 2015 Eva 0

VAGCOM VCDS Vag com 12.12 Description: 1. Is fully compatible with all VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda models through the current model year, including models using […]

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Launch X431 diagnostic tool Launch X431 Pad

June 26, 2015 Eva 0

Launch X431 diagnostic tool information including Launch scanner,Launch X431 Diagun, Launch X431 Master, Launch Crecorder, Launch Creader,X431 GDS,X431 Idiag,X431 PAD,X431.etc. Launch Tech USA has launched […]

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How to Sign-up Launch X431 PAD

June 24, 2015 Eva 0

X431 PAD is the new generation tablet diagnostic scanner of Launch for DBS (Diagnosis Based Solution) car system; configured with Windows Embedded Standard 7 OS,  […]