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Mitsubishi MUT-III Software Download, Install, Review, User Guide

MUT-III software download for PC:
Here are links for Mitsubishi MUT-III PRE15061-00 Multilanguage

MUT-III (Multi Use Tool) is a hardware-software complex for diagnosing Mitsubishi cars.
VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) – a hardware interface with which a diagnostic laptop is connected to a car, as well as some other diagnostic procedures;
set of diagnostic cables for connecting to vehicle diagnostic points (OBD-II connector, battery terminals, etc.);
Microsoft Windows laptop with proprietary software.
The MUT-III complex allows for the complete diagnostics of ALL electronic components of a Mitsubishi car, measurement of engine and transmission parameters, tuning and adaptation of electronic components of the car, updating the firmware (firmware) of the car blocks, etc.
You need to know that to change the settings of the “hidden functions” of the car (Lancer X, ASX, Outlander XL, Outlander III, Eclipse Cross, L200 V, Pajero Sport III …) in its pure form MUT-III is not suitable.
With its help, you can only unload from the car and load back the configuration files (kon-file). You can edit these settings with third-party software .



MUT 3 VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface):


Mitsubishi MUT 3 install
So mine just showed up, but the software craps out mid-install. It left a MUT-III link on m desktop, but then it bitches about not having IE5. I’m running Windows 7, and I set the installer to run in XP compatibility mode. :-/
Tried an XP machine, got this error:
I have installed no problem on W7 and XP
for W7 – run as admin, and also run internet explorer in full time compatibility mode.
for XP – it just worked.
4 . you can run MUT3 SW on windows7
it runs on Internet Explorer (yes, i know!)
before you run MUT3 – quit any IE windows you have open
– put your IE into Compatibility Mode.
5. In W7 it will error when you load up MUT3. it does for me anyways. just kill the error popup and off you go
6. when you first connect the VCI – wait a while – it will need to update the VCI firmware in some cases. just let the MUT3 S/W do it’s thing. look on the VCI screen for details of what it’s doing before you go any further
Mut3 needs some patience… it was made at the time of web 0.1 or just before.…
It runs only on XP and only with a really old release of IE.
It is difficult (not user friendly) to choose the car’s model.
It is very difficult to navigate from menu to item…
Good luck….

Solved! OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS Missing Software After Upgrade


OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS after update, cluster calibrate (odometer correction) menu is missing….. Anyone had some like this??? What to do how to get it back???

obdstar-miss-software-1 solution:

1.Enter Home button, choose ES File Explorer

obdstar-miss-software-2 obdstar-miss-software-3

2.Click  on Home and then choose DP folder

3. After enter the DP menu, choose the SN No. file 9514XXXXXXXX–àFUNCTION–àMILEAGE,

At the bottom of this file, there will be a 【en.cfg】, find and delete it.

4. Restart the X300DP Plus.

5. Enter 【upgrade】menu, then choose any of mileage correction software, then download it.

If problem remains unsolved, please feel free to contact us.

VW Passat Golf 7 MQB JCI Keyless Possible with VVDI2 or Lonsdor K518?

Question: I have VW GOLF 7 2017 MQB JCI (Johnson Controls) keyless all keys lost can VVDI 2 do or not ?

Answer:  All keys lost not possible with VVDI2. But okay for add a spare key.

VAG OBD helper + VVDI2/Lonsdor K518ISE with IMMO data , you safe.
Even if you lost battery / connection etc .
once you load immo data to Key Learn function you can learn key again.

VW MQB JC with VAG OBD Helper + VVDI2

VW MQB JC with  VAG OBD Helper + Lonsdor

VW MQB JC with VAG OBD Helper + VVDI2

Model example: VW Passat 2017 MQB Keyless system

Keyless key programming

Prepare dealer key

Remote key learning


One original keyless GO key

VAG OBD helper (with token & Network Connection)

Xhorse VVDI2

Xhorse VW MQB Smart Remote Key XSMQB1EN
vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-01 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-02

Step 1. Use OBD helper to read the MQB – NEC35XX part immo data

The original remote key can start the car, press the ” Engine start /stop” to turn on ignition on.

Install VAG OBD Helper V1.0.0 software on the computer, connect OBD Helper to vehicle

Click on “Read car information” to have info of manufacture, VIN, Immo type, power, key count, KeyID etc.

Reading data…

Connecting to server…

MQB -NEC35XX part immo data success saved…

vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-03 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-04

Step 2: Prepare dealer key first, then learn key to car

Unplug VAG OBD Helper from vehicle, then connect VVDI2 cable.


Open VVDI2 software, go to VW /Audi /Skoda Online Key Learn -> Special Function

Click on “Diag” and have message Johnson Controls will be supported in future.

Click on “Key Learn” -> “MQB platform instrument immobilizer” -“Instrument with NEC35xx (Continental /VDO).
vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-06 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-07

Click on “Immo data prepare key” to load immo data.
vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-08 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-09

Choose car manufacture “VW”->”Prepare normal dealer key”, then “Next”.


Click on “Yes” to continue prepare normal dealer key.


Put the original key into the coil of VVDI2 machine.

Select “add key”.
vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-013 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-014 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-015

Do you want to save the synchronize data? you can prepare a dealer key with synchronize data while lost all key.

vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-016 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-017

Please input the new key (Xhorse key XSMQB1EN 3 Buttons)into device programmer.


Prepare dealer key success, please learn the new dealer key to car.

Click on “Add key”.

You should backup EEPROM and Immo data before learn key.


Input 2 learning key number.

Click on “Load immo data”.

Click on “Next”

Put the dealer key nearby car ignition switch.



Click on “Yes” to agree car has keyless.


Click on “Yes” to learn keyless GO key.

Learned key number /Total key number:1/2.

Please put 2 key nearby car ignition switch and the press ok.

vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-025 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-026

Start learning…

All keys successfully learned.

vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-027 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-028

Test remote and new key



Both key works.

VW MQB JC with  VAG OBD Helper + Lonsdor K518ISE

Volkswagen Passat 2017 MQB Keyless Johnson Controls

Remote key programming

CS Reading online

Prepare dealer key

Key learning

Device required:

An original key

Xhorse VW MQB Smart Remote Key XSMQB1EN

VAG OBD helper (with token & Network Connection)

Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer


Step 1: Read IMMO data
Turn on ignition with original MQB key
Connect OBD Helper cable with vehicle

Read car information

Save MQB-NEC35XX part immo data
and paste the immo date to K518 customfile (Go to K518->Internal storage->customfile
vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-035  vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-037
Unplug vag obd cable

Step 2: Make dealer key
Connect K518ise with vehicle
Go to Immobilizer->VW->IMMO4->Auto identify IMMO


Perform the following operations according to the key type:
Smart key: Turns the ignition off and then on
IMMO key: Switch off the ignition with the key that allows the vehicle to be started
Lonsdor shows immo function not supported currently

Go back to VW->IMMO4->Select IMMO Manually->MQB-35XX (Continental/VDO)->Immobilizer->Make dealer key
vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-040 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-041
This function can import data to learn a programmed dealer key or OEM key (copy original car ID),
the key will be made and use it to learn more keys
Select immo data bin file that we have pasted to K518 customfile


Reads Immo type, CS and PIN

Generate dealer key->VW
Please put the original key into the key socket k518
Detect original key
Input new key into k518 slot
Generate dealer key success

Step 3: Learn key
Select Key Programming (OBD)

This function can import immobilizer data for key programming,make sure the keys (for programming) are the dealer’s keys

Select IMMO data from k518 customefile
Confirm CS and PIN
Turn the ignition on with the original car key.
For a smart key, turn ignition off and on, open and close the car door, then click ok
Attach the original MQB key to the induction coil

The key to add must be the dealer’s key, if not, please go to create a dealer key to generate it, enter the quantity and prepare all keys to be added before programming
Enter key number to learn: 2
Is the key a smart key
Press Yes
Place the key to learn near the vehicle’s induction coil and continue work after lighting the dashboard
Place key 1 near the induction coil and keep the other keys away
Programming in process, do not remove the smart key
Place key 2 near the induction coil and keep the other keys away
Programming in process, do not remove the smart key
Add key finished
Now test remote and new key.

Both key works.

Mini Cooper 16 KOMBI Coding after KM change: CGDI BMW done!

New test: CGDI Prog BMW is confirmed to work well for KOMBI coding.

Car: 2016 BMW MINI

E series R60

CAS3+ N16


BMW programmer: CGDI BMW

Steps to do KOMBI coding:

The car is connected to the device thru the OBD port

The car starts with the ACC button

Connect the device CGDI and run CGDI BMW software

cgdi-bmw-odometer-correction-2 cgdi-bmw-odometer-correction-3

Go for E series coding


IMPORTANT: the computer must be well connected to the network!

Reading data


Current vehicle FA information is consistent

Do you want to code with CAS FA?



CGDI BMW read data successfully


The vehicle available communication module has been marked black

Please select the appropriate module to set the code


All modules have been read successfully

When the odometer is corrected, other languages or red dots will be displayed

so we need to code KOMBI to return to the normal



Yes to backup data

When setting the code, the meter and central control will restart successfully


CGDI BMW set codes successfully!

Lonsdor K518ISE Program BMW F01 CAS4 2010 Remote Key Success

Vehicle Model: BMW F-series F01 year 2010

Remote type: PCF7953, 868MHz

Immo type: CAS4 1L16Y

Device to program: key renew tool, Lonsdor K518ISE and VVDI PROG



Step 1: Renew key (if have new key go to Step 2)

Step 2: Read dump

Step 3: Add a new key

Step 1: Renew used key

by Tango or MK3 programmers



Step 2: Read CAS4 data

Remove CAS4 module


Follow vvdi prog wiring diagram to connect CAS and programmer



Read CAS4 1L16Y data and save dump.


Step 3: Program key with Lonsdor K518ISE

In K518, select Immobilizer->BMW->Select from type->CAS4/CAS4+ ->Make ignition key


Copy and paste the CAS4 EEPROM data to Lonsdor “customfile” folder

Upload EEPROM dump

Select a key position to add key

Insert new key to be generated into K518 card slot

Follow K518ise instructions to generate ignition key

1.Take all other keys out of car except the new key

2.Close newly generated key to car induction coil

3.Press Start button and wait for 15 sec (remove key when dash turns on)

4.Check all function of the new key

Test the new key

Remote detect and can start engine.


2000 Mercedes S430 Fuel Guage innacuracy, fix using STAR sdconnect

2000 S430 Problem description – Fuel Guage inaccuracy:
I had to change my “Rear Sam?” because of some water damage I had gotten under the back seat, on the passenger side. This had made my fuel guage not work, or any power go to the rear. I had changed the SAM, and now everything works, even the fuel guage. But then I kept on driving, the guage needle would move, but it is innacurate. It would tell me there is like 18G in the car for about 250miles of driving. And when I fill up the car…The needle will stay all the way down, as if it was not working, then after about 50 miles of driving, it will shoot all the way up.

Someone had said it is my Sending Unit. Another had told me it was a fuel relay?

Has anybody had this problem, or know about it and can tell me what I can do to fix this…

My fuel guage used to work properly until the rear SAM was damaged, and when I replaced the SAM, The rear tail lights started working again…Because there was no power going to the rear at all because of the damaged comp. Now that I replaced it, I have all power back in the rear, and there is power for the fuel guage…But it just doesn’t read right….And when I fill it up, it wont read at all until about 40 to 50 Miles into my drive.

It appears that the SAM MAY need to be coded and it is behaving “strangely” because the unit has insufficient or incorrectparameters to send the correct signal to the fuel gauge.
Coded means “programmed” to match your vehicle.

The SAM you have purchased is a generic part and MAY fit to many models and markets of MB and needs to be “set up”.
This requires connecting to a Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Tool (MB proprietary) or similartype of diagnostics computer to carry out the procedure.

Connecting to such a computer will also enable On Board Diagnostic codes to be read which should assist in pointing towards the problem by identifying that parameters are missing or implausible for the Vehicle Identity Number VIN etc.

Who is good supplier of STAR diagnostic tool?
I have STAR and it’s worth every penny… just takes some time to get to learn how it works. Dont get one with virtual image software, get an actual Dell D630 with original HD and SD C4 unit.
Compared with the virtual image software, it runs faster, Internal is so much nicer because now I just have the multiplexer and laptop to carry to the car, nothing to unplug or fall off, if you use it quite a bit then go External hard drive.

How to update Xentry Connect C5 2019.9 in two methods

MB STAR C5 2019.9 can update in the way of ISO Image file or ship back the hard disk to the dealer for update. This post describes how to update step by step, what to use and what should attention.

1. 2019.9 Best Quality Benz C5 features:
1): Hardware 1: 1 Best quality
2). Works with Mercedes Benz cars and trucks
3). Doesn’t come with computer, but with internal hard disk + one moveable hard disk.
2: How to update Benz C5?
Option 1: ship back the disk for update (Easy)
However, most users can’t update online by themselves, so you are highly advised to ship back the dealer with the internal solid hard disk as well as the external Dell hard disk, the Dell hard disk update is up to you, you can ship back or not as you like.

Benz C3 software: Benz C5 2018.7 is available with Solid Hard Disk sold at 145USD free shipping by simple post.

Option 2: update Benz C5 with the ISO Image file (need skills)
2018.7 update

Password: 8m9q
Note: If your C5 is bought before 2018.3 and want to update, then contact the dealer for remote assistance; if your C5 is bought after 2018.3, you can directly download the above link to update.

How update Benz C5 with the ISO Image file?
Tools required:
IODD 2541
Xentry_Kit_09_2017.iso(copy to the folder: iodd 2541 _ISO)
Benz C5
Panasonic power adapter
SanDisk U disk 64G high speed 3.0 sales for 29.99USD free shipping by post service.
IODD 2541


Panasonic power adapter


Xentry Connect C5 multiplexer


C5 mux in standby mode
Plug the Panasonic power adapter into Benz C5
Insert IODD 2541 into the USB port on C5


Ensure Benz C5 is in a standby mode, then hold the “X” and “√” at the same time, then it will pop up “Start Update?” (if it pop up “Start XENTRY Connect?” instead, then, please wait until it disappears, then repeat the operation until it display “Start Update?”)


When you see “Start Update?”, press “√” and Connect C5 will go into the update status and IODD 2541 will light up shown as below.
Just quickly press button “5” on IODD 2541.And the cross “X” will turn a circle “O”.

Please look at the Benz C5 screen, it is updating.



The update will take 50-55 minutes to finish, after complete the system will restart.

If the system fails to restart, turn off C5 and then restart it.
When C5 starts, take out the hard disk in the C5 and install it into the laptop I.E Dell 55220. Before it, Please install the Windows machine on the U disk


Press F12 when you see the pop-up “F12 Boot Options”


Choose “USB Storage Device” and press “Enter”.


Choose [03] WIN2003 PE Classical


Go to the PE system and open “create a new user” program.

How-to-update-Xentry-Connect-C5-2019.9-in-two-methods-15 How-to-update-Xentry-Connect-C5-2019.9-in-two-methods-16 How-to-update-Xentry-Connect-C5-2019.9-in-two-methods-17 How-to-update-Xentry-Connect-C5-2019.9-in-two-methods-18

Note : Windows should be located in disk D:

After choose the path, right click on “Create a new admin account” on the left.


Input user name : C5, password: abc12345678 ( you are allowed to input any user name and password as you like).


Click on Ok
Close the application
Turn off the laptop
Take out the disk off the laptop and install it into C5 multiplexer


3. How to active Xentry Connect C5 after update?
After update complete every time, paste this Benz C5 key to “StartKeyCerter” to active the diagnostic software.
Here is the procedure to follow on how to activate:!Gp8lzLLK!-B3Ytw1j-YoC9tWM_atYxgvmer5mbOMNxfH4BYz4D0E

Files need to activate C5:
Activation key
2018.7 key
Back list C5

4. Benz C5 Questions and answers:
Q: Can Benz C5 2018.7 work with both cars and trucks?
A: Yes.

Q: Can Benz C5 software be copied to a personal computer?
A: No, the software is bound together with the multiplexer, it can’t be copied.

Q: Can Benz C5 software support Expert DTS?
A: No, not supported so far.

Q: What’s the difference between Benz C5 and Mb SD Connect C4?
A: All of the Benz C5 software is free for 3 years until the account invalid. C4 upgrade needs to be cracked every time, it is very troublesome.

Q: Is Xentry Connect C5 available with the installation guide in other Language?
A: Yes. here you can refer to:
Xentry Connect C5 installation in English
Xentry Connect C5 installation in French
Xentry Connect C5 installation in German
Xentry Connect C5 installation in Italian
Xentry Connect C5 installation in Spanish
Xentry Connect C5 installation in Japanese



If you’re a Mercedes fan, master or a user and also are looking for a diagnostic device that you can perform several operations smoothly on Mercedes vehicles, you are reading the suitable article right now.

You may have heard something about Mercedes Benz Star diagnosis C3, C4 and also C5. In this article, you will find more detailed information about Mercedes diagnostic tools.

Consequently, you’ll have more information about the devices before you buy. As Nitrobilisim, we are very glad to share our experience with Mercedes diagnostic tools with hoping that you will make a true decision.

Mercedes star diagnosis compact is the original diagnostic tool that is used by Mercedes-Benz dealerships, authorized and private services.

These scanners include the hardware and Xentry software which is used to troubleshoot the problems in any Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

With the help of Mercedes-Benz Star Diagnosis Compact, you can read and delete error codes from any control unit in your Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Mercedes Star Diagnosis Compact tool allows you to read the actual configurations in each system, stream real-time sensor data, activate sensors and perform SCN online, SCN offline coding and programming.

MB Star C3 requires a laptop so that you can troubleshoot your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. It is slower than MB Star C4.

MB Star C4 is the Mercedes-Benz wireless multiplexers that can connect to your PC via the wireless connection. it works faster than MB Star C3.

C4 can be connected to all Mercedes automobiles, trucks, buses and Smart vehicles. Mercedes-Benz is an original test tool providing %100 accesses for automobile, jeep, minibus, bus, truck, and the articulated lorry.

It fits all Mercedes vehicles from 1991 model vehicles to latest model. Named as Star Diagnosis, the tool is a professional diagnostic tool developed for Mercedes. The system operating on Windows XP Operating System includes Workshop Information System (WIS) and other support software.

Testing the systems (ABS, ASR, Air-conditioner, SRS, MPL, GM, Security System, DASX, OBD II system)


Mercedes Star Diagnosis Compact 5

Mercedes Star Diagnosis C5 is the latest Mercedes Star Diagnostic tool which has been introduced as the most advanced version of all Mercedes Diagnostic tool from past to present.

With the Mercedes-Benz SD connect C5, can be communicated from the first electronic control unit vehicles to the next generation of vehicles in the euro 6 norm produced today.

Mercedes SD connects C5 which next-generation technology is used, provides a faster connection to the speed of data signaling than older versions.

The difference of the Mercedes compact 5 from previously produced Mercedes diagnostic tools, is that it works faster and also shows full compatibility with the new generation updates.

The new Mercedes C5 SD Connect diagnostic tool is delivered with the 2017-03 version.

Read/Delete Failure Code

With the Mercedes C5 diagnostic tool, you can read the fault codes of all the computers on the vehicle and see in detail which faults are present, what causes the faults occur, and how faults can be repaired.

Viewing Live Values and Vehicle Data

You can view live values and vehicle data on all vehicles that communicate with the Mercedes SD Connect C5 diagnostic tool without error. As Body (VIN), engine code, battery voltage, gas pedal sensors, manifold absolute pressure, oil level, A / C pressure etc. the Mercedes C5 will report you all the sensor values on the car.

SCN Coding

With the Mercedes SD Connect 5 diagnostic tool, you can carry out SCN coding online and offline so readily. For information about SCN encoding, please contact us.

Adaptation and Calibration Processes

In normally, when you install parts that you have repaired or replaced with a new one, you will need to identify the part to the vehicle. The Mercedes C5 calibrates the new parts and performs the adaptation process in your stead.

Adblue Removal

With the SD C5 on the Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you can cancel the Adblue without FDOK password and re-engage it.

The tool you have disabled Adblue will no longer fall from the torque.

Supported Tools

Mercedes-Benz can communicate with SMART, MAYBACH, BHARATBENZ, FUSO, SETRA Buses, COBUS, and Photon as well as all passenger cars, heavy vehicles, buses, commercial and transporter vehicles. You can perform detailed diagnostics on vehicles that use Mercedes motors.

Software Features

1) DAS: the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System

2) Xentry: New software released by Benz Company after 04/2009 by diagnosis new cars.

3) Workshop Information System

4) Electronic Parts Catalog

5) ST Finder: Part location finder

6) STARUTILITIES: the movement management system and self-test

7) SD Media: Video and PDF lessons

8) PL 66: Price List to find out how much price by input the parts number

9) Smart TAN Code: Opened special function in DAS program with Smart cars 450/451/452/454

10) Developer model: Mercedes-Benz engineer mode, remove limitations and open more functions.

11) Benz Disassembly system: Video lessons to teach you how to remove each

12) The part from Benz cars with details order steps.C5.

The Mercedes Star diagnostic system as the 09-2016 version is compatible with Windows 7.

About Purchasing;

There are a lot of Mercedes diagnostic tool in the market, but not all of them are original. it can be useful to be careful when buying. We as Nitrobilisim sell the original Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Tools.

VXDIAG Benz Xentry “No Access authorization code” Error Solution

Here’s the working solution to VXDIAG Benz C6 /VXDIAG Benz mult tool Xentry software software error”
No Access authorization code!  You must contact the User Help Desk”



If you install VXDIAG 2TB hard drive comes default with the package, there is a Tool folder on desktop


Open 1-StartKeyCenter and 2-Key, fill in hardware ID and date.  Then generate a Starkey with Xentry Developer Keygen.


Enter the Starkey and fill in the corresponding area


Then save key.


If xentry prompts message above which indicates the registration is succeed.


MB STAR C3 Research and Experimentation


If you are interested in how I got my SDS going again see Annex C: Fault Finding SDS Software and MUX.

The critical things to do are listed here and in the ‘Detailed Instructions for Connecting and  Using SDS’ Section.

After recovering from the classic “software time expired fault” which occurs when opening  Xentry after three months of use, I found that I could not connect to my vehicle. Once the Virtual Desktop is running, a simple easy test for proper connectivity is to connect to the vehicle and turn on the ignition. Then run STAR Utilities, Self Diagnosis, Caesar Self Diagnosis and inspect the result. A ‘good’ result looks like this.


A Caesar Test on a later model (2008 W204) by Star diagnosis compact 3 is much more comprehensive.


A ‘bad’ result looks like this.


The SDS, SDconnect Toolkit, Information function also showed “No signal” from my ‘Part D’  MUX. The ‘06’ MUX is a legacy from my initial connection.


In my initial ignorance I spent weeks reading up on Virtual Machines, Network Adapters and Bridged Connections, and experimenting with IP/TCP configurations, eventually to realise that these were not important for a simple RS232 data link via a cable between the SDS and the car.

If you are interested in connecting to the Internet, one of my critical findings was that in the Virtual Machine Desk Top, Folder “Info”, it lists IP Addresses which cannot be used in SDS as being, to From the supplied video instructions I had been using which would not work properly. It was a lot better using

Why I do not know and gave up further research as in my situation the IP settings are irrelevant. What were important were the serial data port settings and I have included a section on how to
set them up as this was critical to the successful operation of my SDS and MUX. See Annex A:
PCMCIA and COM2 Settings on Host and Annex B: COM2 Settings on Guest Virtual Machine.