JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics FEATURE LIST

JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics FEATURE LIST

FREE Activation for JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics
JPRO Professional Diagnostic Software, includes all features provided by the following modules:
-JPRO Heavy-Duty Module
-JPRO Heavy-Duty Command Module – Cummins
-JPRO Heavy-Duty Command Module – Detroit
-JPRO Heavy-Duty Command Module – International
-JPRO Heavy-Duty Command Module – Mack and Volvo
-JPRO Heavy-Duty Command Module – Paccar
-JPRO Medium-Duty Command Module – Ford
-JPRO Medium-Duty Command Module – GM
-JPRO Medium-Duty Command Module – Isuzu
-JPRO Medium-Duty Command Module – Sprinter

Here the STEPS:
1. Install JPRO 2017 v1, download here: JproSetup2017v1
2. Run “HWID3p”, Save to File/ Notepad, then send to my email here: Contact Us
I’ll help to create “regkey.dat” file, to activate your JPRO 2017 v1, download here: HWID3p.rar
3. Open “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security”, please “Block the connection” on both Inbound Rules and Outbound Rules:
Find the files on C:Program Files (or Program Files x86)Noregon JPRO Diagnostics
4. Copy all files on “copy to JPRO” folder to C:Program Files (or Program Files x86)NoregonJPRO Diagnostics download here: copy to JPRO.rar
-regkey.dat (License File)

5. Run “J2017_1.exe” as Administrator, click on “Unexpired” box, then click “Activate” until Activation process is DONE.


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