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How to Replace TP Screen on Autel MaxiSys Diagnostic Scanner Tablets?

Here’s the important notes on replacement of new supplier’s TP Screen on Autel MaxiSys Tablets.

A.  Part Number of new TP screen Involved
501003930     MS906

501003932     MS906BT

501004169     MS908

501003923     MS908S

Note: The above new TP screen is provided by a new supplier, which will be used for TP replacement of the above models.

B. Preparations:
a. Update operating system to the latest version first
E.g. Maxisys ms906 V03.46.00, Ms906BT V03.31.00 , MS908  V03.41.00

If the MaxiSys was out of update period, please use reflashing program to update it to the free version.

b. Remove Resistance
1. Remove R289 Resistance for MS908
2.Remove R375 Resistance for MS906/MS906BT
c. Remove specific buttons for MS906,MS906BT,MS906TS
1. Remove J11, J12 buttons(as shown below) for 906BT, 906TS

2. Remove J11, J12 buttons (as shown below) for MS906

d. Pasting way of TP for MS906,MS906BT,MS906TS
TP plate should be pasted parallelly with the magnesium alloy stent.

How to Use NCD/CAFD Tool

What is BMW NCD/CAFD Tool
NCD/CAFD Tool is software written by TokenMaster.NCD/CAFD Tool is special for NCD/CAFD files,compare NCD/CFAD file,trimmed CAFD and FA2FP files.

How to Use NCD/CAFD Tool
Read both vehicle NCD’s and CAFD (from SWE\CAFD).
More verbose descriptions than premium launcher mapping
ability to easily see options (nicht_aktiv, aktiv, etc) without having to double-click or Right click and select edit
ability to copy data

NCD Compare
Load two *.ncd’s and quickly and easily visually compare differences.
Could be used to compare your factory files to version with FDL coded changes.

Decrypt CAFD
Can decrypt CAFD, FAFP, and other files.
Can saved decrypted file and search using IE, notepad, or wordpad

Load and search existing FA file
FA Viewer: Search all existing and possible factory options for particular FA
FP Viewer: Without loading particular FA, you can select given series and build level. Then, view and search VO options, E-words, etc. Could you to create FA in notepad

FA Compare
Compare two FA’s and highlight differences

Play what-if games with FA’s
Play more robust what-if games with SVT’s.
Way to test VO/ FA changes and know which ECU’s affected and how. Then you could either FDL-code or know which ECU’s to VO code.
Helpful in situations like changing languages or adding 6NS and knowing whether vehicle has separate combox with HU_CIC.

NCD/CAFD Tool Update Log:

Update: 05/07/2015 V0.3.7 Alpha
Updated portable PSdZData DB (V56.5 base).

Update: 05/07/2015 V0.3.1 Alpha
Made the PSdZdata database external. The Tool and the launchers are now using the same portable DB format
Minor bug fixes

Update: 03/29/2015 V0.3.0 Alpha
Added support for trimmed PSdZdata (V54.2+)
Minor bug fixes
New Obfuscation method to avoid false-positive detection by lazy AV Makers

Update: 11/10/2014 V0.2.8 Alpha
Added support for iCars (i3/i8)
Minor bug fixes

Update: 9/8/2014 V0.2.7 Alpha
Added Type Key options to “What-If” feature
Minor bug fixes

Update: 7/14/2014 V0.2.6 Alpha
Added “What-If SVT-CAFD” feature
Minor bug fixes

Update: 4/13/2014 V0.2.5
Added “What-If FA-CAFD” feature
NCD/CFAD Comparison tool now excludes “Comments”
Minor bug fixes


Europe Ford Focus Mileage Programming after Replacement by Launch X431

This article show a guide on how to use Launch X431 to program mileage for Europe Ford Focus after instrument cluster replacement. This function is only necessary on newly installed instrument clusters.

The attention of the two points :
A,It is not possible to overwrite a value lower than the mileage.
B,If the odometer write failed, you can try again.

Diagnose:Select “Calling system” menu.

Wait for 1 minutes. Then the Vehicles Specification screen displays.

Select “ICM” menu

Enter Odometer Write functions in the “SPECIAL FUNCTION” menu

When selecting “Odometer Write”, it will display as below show.

It can only enter a value higher than actual mileage.(Now Mileage:34531Miles)

If you enter a value lower than actual mileage,it show as below

Press ok to reenter

when you enter a correct data, it will show as below

Press ok to Complete.


How to do Program for BMW F series with BMW CGDI

Some customers dont know how to do program for BMW F series with CGDI BMW , please check the details as following steps :

1. Open doors and meters , OBD connects to the vehicle

2. Click into the BMW F Series Program

3. Data was read successfully, display relevant module information

4. To program FEM-BODY as example, click “program”

5. Please ensure that the battery has enough power and click ‘yes’

a. Make sure the VIN is correct.

b. Support modification

6. Programming, please be patient

7. Verify FLASH correctly and program successfully

For more details for MB CGDI , welcome to contact us directly




OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Update Instructions ( 2019/01-2019/03 )

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Upgrade Announcement  for reference

2019-03 Update Information



Optimized MQB -2014.06 IMMO function



1. Increased Zotye data index ID

2. Optimized 2016 Zotye T600 smart key programming

3. Increased Z300/Z360 and other 4-digital pin code online calculation



1. Increased Roewe RX3 with smart key system

2. Increased Roewe RX3 without smart key system

3. Optimized Roewe RX5 programming procedure (with smart key system)



Increased pincode reading from ECM in X20XEV/Y13DT/Z10XE/Z13DT/Z18XE/Z18XE1/




1. Optimized ECU type 1K79X and 3K91D

2. Increased Maserati 2016- smart key system



Revised the display ‘FUCK’to be ‘Pincode Reading Failed’



1. Increased Chevrolet Colorado Hour 2017 smart key system

2. Increased Chevrolet Colorado 2017- 2018 smart key system



Increased EC8 4-digital pincode online calculation


Land Rover

1. Increased 2015- smart key programming

2. Optimized Discovery 3/Discovery 4/Freelander 2/Rang Rover key programming



1. Increased New Yuexiang BCM

2. Increased X70A smart key system

3. Increased Honor S smart key system

4. Increased CX70 EMS/PEPS programming

5. Increased COS1 BCM and smart key system

6. Increased Eado electric vehicle smart key system

7. Increased Eado hybrid electric vehicle(2018) smart key system



1. Optimized EU Carnival smart key system

2. Optimized USA 2008-2012 ESCAPE IMMO function

3. Optimized 2014- Transit type1 communication failure in pin code reading



Increased the 2016- smart key IMMO data reading (via OBDII) function


Cluster Calibration


1. Increased the landrover_code.txt

2. Optimized Range Rover model code

3. Optimized Jaguar XJ model menu and code

4. Revised Land Rover Evoque 4TO4 algorithm

5. Revised Land Rover Discovery 4 2010-2014 security algorithm



1. Optimized Audi A6L 2012- cluster calibration

2. Optimized Audi A8L 2010- cluster calibration

3. Optimize VW Touareg 2010- cluster calibration

4. Optimized MQB -2014.06 cluster calibration function

5. Increased Audi A6L 2012-/A7 2010-/A8L 2010- cluster calibration function



Optimized EEPROM reading problem in 208 dashboard cluster calibration



1. Increased F250 2017/F250 2018/F350 2018/F450 2018/F550 2018/ENDEAVOUR 2015 SC667351+93C86/POLICE INTERCEPTOR 2016/FUSION 2013/FUSION 2016/FUSION 2017/NAVIGATOR 2017/FUSION HYBRID 2017/MUSTANG 2015/C-MAX 2016 cluster calibration

2. Increased Lincoln MKZ 2017 cluster calibration.



1. Increased Chevrolet 2018 Colorado cluster calibration

2. Increased Chevrolet 2017- Colorado Hour cluster calibration



Increased Mulsanne 2012- cluster calibration


1. Increased the model index list

2. Optimized mileage algorithm bug


Oil/Service Reset

New Increased:

Opel Auto Reset:

Insignia-B/Corsa-E/Astra K/Karl/Viva/Combo-D/Crossland-X/Grandland-X


Mazda Auto Reset:

1. Increased 4 new modes

2.Increased the menu according to models


Peugeot Auto Reset:

BOXER 3/BOXER 3 Minbus


Citroen Auto Reset:

JUMPER 3 Euro5/JUMPER 3 Minbus/RELAY 3 Minbus(2007-2010)






Increased the setting function of oil service reset



Updated part of 2018 vehicles


Buick Auto Reset:



Chevrolet Auto Reset:

Caprice 2011-2013/Equinox 2010-2018/Lmpala 2006-2016/Optra 2007-2013/Orlando 2011-2018

S10 2013-2018/Silverado 2010-2018/Sonic/Spark/Spin/Suburban 2007-2018/Tahoe 2008-2018

Tracker/TrailBlazer 2013-2018/Traverse 2009-2018/Volt 2011-2018


2019-02 Update Information 



Optimized Damy X5 remote control system


Great Wall

1. Increased Great Wall Kulla smart key system

2. Increased Great Wall Wingle 7 IMMO and remote control system

3. Increased Hover F5/WEY P8/WEY VV6 2017- smart key system



1. Optimized the Flash reading of XRAY (2015-)

2. Optimized Koleos 4 key programming function

3. Increased Megane 4 (2015-) key programming function

4. Optimized TWINGO2014-key programming process

5. Optimized Megane 4(2015-) key programming and the menu

6. Increased ESPACE 2015-/KADJAR/TALISMAN 2015-/SCENIC 2016-/Megane 4(2015-)/LOGAN




1. Optimized BR453 key programming process

2. Increased the identification in smart br453 when Flash reading ends



1. Increased MQB 2012-2014.06 IMMO function

2. Optimized the problem in data writing when generating the dealer key.



1. Optimized 1K79X_46 type key programming process

2. Optimized the problem in generating dealer key of 46 chip models

3. Optimized 70F3379+93C86 type data writing failure due to the incorrect file encode



1. Optimized smart key type1

2. Optimized remote controller programming type1, type 2 and developed type3



Optimized 2018 Excelle key programming procedure



Increased 2017- Everest key programming

Cluster Calibration


1. Optimized the menu to be BR453 FORTWO 2016

2. Optimized the menu, text and communication process

3. Increased smart for two 2016 models cluster calibration function



1. Increased the menu of vehicle model entry

2. Increased MQB 2012-2014. 06 cluster calibration function



Revised Grand Vitara/Kizashi/SX4 SWIFT D70F3421+24C16 cluster calibration procedure


Land Rover

Increased Discovery 4 2016-/Range Rover Sport 2016 (with indicator)/Evoque 2015- cluster calibration



Increased XE series 2016 and XF series 2015- cluster calibration


APK Software

1. Increased theHelptext  

2. Increased the damage verification for zip files


Renew Key Software

Updated the renew procedure

Steering Angle Learning Software

Optimized Roewe Rx5 communication failure when entering system


2019-01 Update information 



1. Increased the security mechanisms

2. Increased the SWFL version with key programming

3. Solved the security verification failure in part of models

4. Solved the problem of car start failure with remote key after successful key programming in part of models



1. Increased NEC24C64 MQB key programming

2. Solved Magotan 46 chip generate key failure

3. Solved the flashback problem in automatic recognition of NEC24C32 dashboard



Optimized 2016- Grand Cherokee pincode reading function



1. Increased Cadillac 2017-CT6 smart key system

2. Increased Cadillac 2017-XT4 smart key system

3. Increased Chevrolet 2017- Corvette smart key system



1. Increased 2018 CX4 smart key system

2. Increased 2018 Atenza smart key system



Increased Transit 2014- remote programming



1. Optimized 08- Megane key programming function

2. Optimized 07-11 Laguna key programming function

Cluster Calibration



1. Increased Cadillac 2017- CT6 cluster calibration

2. Increased Cadillac 2017- XT4 cluster calibration

3. Increased Chevrolet 2017- Corvette cluster calibration



1. Optimized the low speed problem in Edge EEPROM reading and writing

2. Optimized the low speed problem in KUGA 2012- EEPROM reading and writing

3. Optimized the low speed problem in New Mondeo EEPROM reading and writing


1. Optimized the menu

2. Optimized Compass 2018 cluster calibration (enter system 10 60 mode and then enter its 10 03 extend mode)


ECU Programming


Solved the security verification failure in part of models.


What is Scania SDP3 VCI-3 VCI3 Scanner Wifi Diagnostic Tool ?

Scania SDP3 is the latest diagnostic software for Scania diagnostic tool VCI 2 and Scania VCI 3. SDP3 (Scania Diagnos & Programmer) software is an OEM software designed to maintain Scania trucks, other heavy vehicles and marine or industry engines over VCI diagnostic interface.

Scania SDP3 support Language : English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Turkish, Italian, Czech, Russian, Chinese.

And its operating system : Windows 7 32 & 64 bit,  Windows 8/8.1 32 bit, Windows 10 32 bit.


Scania SDP3 diagnostic codes:

000 00 No Fault

01 001 less than the rated voltage – heater works

02 002 higher than the rated voltage – heater works

004 03 Short circuit fan (D2I)

005 05 Short-circuiting the wires from alarm (D2I)

009 09 Heater off system TRS (D2I / D9W)

010 0A higher than the nominal voltage (heater stopped)

011 0B voltage less than the nominal (heater stopped)

012 0C overheat – fuel pump is turned off

013 0D temperature sensor recorded a high temperature

014 0E big difference values of t. sensor. overheating sensor. regulation. t (D3W / D9W)

015 0F heater overheated many times – the heater is turned off (D2I / D9W)

017 11 Reusable overheating (t exceeds the second threshold) (D3W)

020 14 Candle / rod defective bulbs

021 15 Short candle / bar bulbs

022 16 Faulty relays candle / bar bulbs (D2W)

023 17 Internal defect relay control R2 candle / bar bulbs

024 18 Short-circuit switch controller candle / bar bulbs

025 19 Short-circuit diagnostic socket

029 1D fan air gap 5 does not operate R3

030 1E air fan does not work in all positions (R3-D3W)

031 1F air fan does not work in all positions (R3-D3W)

032 20 Air fan does not work in all positions (R3-D3W)

033 21 Air fan does not work in all positions (R4-D2I / D9W)

034 22 there is no contact with the solenoid valve of the cooling system. (D2W / D9W)

035 23 No contact with the relay average performance

036 24 Short-circuit relay average performance

037 25 Do not rotate water pump (D2W / D9W)

038 26 No contact with the fan relay cab heating (D2W / D9W)

039 27 Short cab heating fan relay (D2W / D9W)

040 28 Short circuit solenoid. valve cooling system. (D2W / D9W)

042 2A Short circuit water pump (D9W)

043 2B Short cable from the computer to the heater fuel pump (D9W)

047 2F Short circuit of the fuel pump

048 30 No contact with the fuel pump

050 32 Heater run many times but have not worked (relay R3)

051 33 Flames emerged immediately after pressing the start button heater

052 34 No start (restart purge)

053 35 Stop flame during startup

36 054 Stop flame position max. productivity

055 37 Stop the flame in a position average performance

056 38 Stop the flame in the position of poor performance

057 39 Flame sensor short circuit (photoresist)

058 3A heater is turned off, but the flame in the combustion chamber (D2W)

059 3B Water temperature rising too quickly (D9W)

060 3C No contact with the sensor temperature control

061 3D sensor short circuit temperature control

062 3E No contact with the potentiometer (D2H / D2I)

3F 063 Short potentiometer (D2H / D2I)

064 40 No contact with flame sensor

065 41 Flame sensor short circuit

071 47 No contact with the sensor overheating (D3W / D9W)

072 48 Short-circuit overheating sensor (D3W / D9W)

073 49 Overheating sensor recorded the fastest increase in temperature (D9W)

090 5A Spontaneous error

091 5B high surge (high-voltage wires, CB-radio, etc.)

092 5C Faulty heater control unit – fault ROM

093 5D Faulty heater control unit – faulty RAM

094 5E Faulty heater control unit – fault EEPROM

096 60 Temperature sensor faulty heater ECU (D2I)

097 61 Faulty heater ECU (D2I / D2W / D9W)

255 FF cleared but faulty memory EEPROM

More details welcome to contact us




MB SD Connect Compact 4 Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Tool FAQS

Want to know more details for MB SD Connect Compact 4 ? Please check the FAQS as following :

Q1: Is SD C4 compatible with window7?

A: It is not stable on WIN7,suggest you not use WIN7, 90% sd c4 software get broken because of the usage of WIN7.


Q2: Hello ,I want to have dell 630 format sd c4,does any request on my computer?

A: If you buy the fit all HDD,then you have to use on XP system,if you choose Dell D630,then no request on computer system.


Q3: Hello, can you send me some picture about mb sd c4? Please tell me more detail,thanks!

A: ok,no problem, it has user manual in HDD,it need activate, this tool you can choose connect with internet by LAN cable or WIFI,when it connect with car,you will see:usually after activate,it will be no problem at all,this item is very stable.


Q4: Is DAS available with 21 languages and optional to reset? Or only English available?

A: The DAS on the desktop is only English available, after enter into Xentry you are allowed to set the language you want. Just enter into Xentry whatever car models you want to diagnose, and if the car model should be diagnosed and programmed in the DAS but you enter Xentry, it will automatically switch into DAS and the DAS language will be as the same as the Xenty language.


Q5: I will be using this to activate cruise control installs on 2012 MB B and C class cars. This will work?

A: our engineer say it can do . BUT it depend on cars ,some cars not, have Cruise control function,then cannot do,and it need you know how to activate it.


Q6: When I click “Diagnostic” to find “Fingerprint ID” of mb sd c4 2019.05 , I got an error” Internal error (3.17)- 3.89 You must contact the user help Desk “.

A: Check whether your computer is compatible with sd c4 2019.05 software. If you choose d630 hard disk, it needs to work with Dell D630 computer with integrated video card and 1GB memory; if you choose movable hard disk, it’s requirement to the computer is: CPU 2.0GHZ or above, 2GB memory or more, Windows XP professional.


Q7: When I connect to Wireless Network Connection, I got the following display, what should I do?

A: Just ignore this message and follow our video tutorial to set.


Q8: when I setup SD connect compact 4 hard disk; I got a message reading “No access authorization code! Please contact the Star diagnosis call center”.

A: It needs activation, please send us Hardware fingerprint, LAN-ID and HW-ID, then we will help you active. As for how to get Hardware fingerprint, LAN-ID and HW-ID.


Q9: Mercedes Star Diagnostic MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star 2013.03 update error: the software update was aborted. Please repeat the update process. (662)

A: do not update MB SD Connect Compact 4. You are allowed to update hardware version to 2.02, not 2.2.


Q10: After I get MB SD connect c4 activation file, I have no idea how to use it, active by star utilities or by EWA NET?

A: We have video tutorial, please click column “Video” to watch. Important note: make sure enter EPC from “EPC NET EXPLORER ” and find out LAN ID, finally active it.


Q11: MB SD C4 has error after click “Select MUX”, Status “No Signal”.

A: Please connect to “Local area connection”, and set IP address:, Subnet mask: for the details, please watch the video tutorial by clicking column “Video”.


Q12: When I open EPC of MB SD C4 2012.11 (SP100), I got error message “unable to start application program”, what’s the reason?

A: Firstly, make sure EPC is activated. Secondly, make sure enter EPC from “EPC NET EXPLORER ” and find out LAN ID, finally active it (A part of users tend to directly start EPC from Xentry, this is not correct.) Still have got the same error? Please contact us for remote assistance.


Q13: How to install MB SD connect c4 starfinder?

A: it doesn’t need to install starfinder, directly open “c:\program

files\web_etm\index.html “.


Q14: My moveable hard disk of MB SD connect C4 has no display. Does it use USB cable to connect the hard disk and then active?

A: Yes, use USB cable to connect the moveable hard disk and the computer, firstly install “setup.exe”, and then import Mercedes Benz software, the computer configuration should not be too low.


Q15: Working with SP100, I wanted to change the way fuel consumption is calculated in the KIW module. This is done in option 1772 of KIW, only adaptable with the developer version of DAS (see FOTO.JPG). Since when starting I have to agree to the special “dangers” the developer version implements, I thought I would be able to change that value. But there is no modify option available

A: the way of fuel consumption cannot be changed; you are allowed to choose option 1772 of KIW.


Q16: After I connect MB SD C4 to the car, SD C4 has no voltage on the PIN8 OBD cable, but when the ignition key on the second position, the PIN8 cable voltage is 12V. What’s the problem?

A: It suggests you don’t start the car, after the car start, the PIN8 will display voltage value.


Q17: Xentry error reading “Internal error: (3.17)-3.173 you must contact the User Help Desk”

A: Don’t set the file “lic-key-2” as “read only.


Q18: How to set MB SD C4 WIFI?

A: Firstly, disconnect the local areal connection, then connect the sdconnect 4 with the car and start the car, finally connect to the wireless connections, please follow the next instructions to set: click Configuration-MUX-Register/configure, under the “General information”, select name “04” and then tick off “Wlan parameters, road”, then set the following parameters: IP address:, Network screen:, Encryption: WEP/Hex, Key: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (26 a in total), we have video tutorial, please click column “Video” to watch or contact our customer service to send you.


Q19: When I start DAS, it says that, I am using the developer version. In some menus however the software does not seem to be a developer version.Is it or is it not a developer version? am NOT connected to the internet when diagnosing a car. Only the SD-Box is connected to the notebook via WLAN. Could that be the problem?

A: Have you set the “sdc4″ well? Could you please do a self-checking for your device? Then show me the result of the self-checking. Please refer to the following steps of self-checking.

A: Did you have the SD C4 set well? Please follow the next instructions to have a self-test, and then send us the self diagnostic report.


Q20: MB SD STAR C4 (SP100) is unable to self-test?

A: check whether the COM PORT is COM2, if it is, there are four possible reasons: 1) the COM PORT has problem; 2) MB SD C4 and the computer has a poor connection. 3) The cable or SDC4 doesn’t work; 4) SD C4 disconnect with the car.


Q21: Why MB SD C4 is unable to connect with the computer; even after I try LAN cable.

A: It needs to set the IP address. How to set the IP address?

Start-Connect to all connections-Local Area Connection-right click “Properties”-Internet Protocol-Use the following IP address, IP address:, Subnet mask:, finally click “Ok”, we have video tutorial, please click column “Video” to watch or contact our customer service to send you.


Q22: When I do self-diagnosis for MB, I got error message: 3001 Error.

A: Self-diagnostic has error not suggest MB SD C4 has problem. The aim of self-diagnosis is to check whether SD C4 connect well with the computer and the car, whether the IP address and parameter is set correctly, whether the SD connect c4 and the driver has successful communication. We have video tutorial on how to do self diagnosis for SD C4, please follow it to operate, if you are able to self-diagnostic, it suggests MB SD C4 settings is OK, the connections is OK and it has communication between MB SD c4 and the software. Just go to test the car, if you got any errors, screenshot them and send us to judge where the problem is.


Q23: Does MB SD C4 support SCN coding?

A: Our SD C4 hardware support offline programming, but the software needs to active, and it will cost additional money.


Q24: MB SD C4 could read chassis number for Smart 1998, but unable to test ECU after connected with the car.

A: It needs login password when test Smart, we have DAS SMART Calculator (Item No. ss27) to help calculate login password.


Q25: Which tool can diagnose Mercedes Benz Trucks, 3335, 1823 and 1413?

A: MB SD C4.


Q26: Which tool can diagnose and program for Mercedes Benz BUS body.

A: MB SD STAR C4 (SP100).


Q27: Which tool can diagnose ML 270 2005 and A class W169 2007?

A: MB SD C4.


Q28: Where to find Smart TAN CODE in the software of MB Star C4 (SP100-D)?

A: Sorry, so far we have no Smart TAN code, advice you go to 4S store or original factory to consult.

How to Configure MB Star SD Connect C4 DoIP Multiplexer?

The new SD connect C4 (1:1 clone of the original) is able to work for DoIP. It’s the only C4 that supports ethernet communication (DoIP). Tested no issues on new mercedes with doip.

To use new MB Star SD Connect C4 DoIP diagnostic scanner, you need to configure it first. Follow steps below to configure SD Connect C4 DoIP multiplexer:

1. Go to local network connection

2. Press Properties


3. Choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), press OK to continue


4. Enter IP address

IP address:

Subnet mask:


5. Click on Advanced

6. Click on Add to configure DoIP IP address


7. Set DoIP IP address to 169.254.0.** (i.e

8. Click on OK to finish configuration.



The new SD connect C4 DoIP (1:1 clone of the original) is able to work for DoIP.

Its the only C4 that supports ethernet communication (DoIP).

Have tested no issues on new mercedes with doip.

GM New Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) Programming Instructions After Replacement

GM vehicles equipped with a digital instrument panel cluster (IPC), and if you replace a IPC you will find you can not start vehicle.It require you to relearn/program the new instrument panel cluster.So here i want to list the procedures on how to program new instrument panel cluster for GM vehicles.

Program GM New Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) After Replacement

Follow the security system (PASSLOCK) AUTO LEARN procedure outlined below to enable the replacement IPC and the ECC to communicate and learn a new password:

1.Before replacing the ECC, document all existing Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) prior to repair.

2.Place the ignition key in the ON position.

3.Using the clear DTC function, clear all security system (PASSLOCK) and Powertrain DTCs.

4.Rotate the ignition key to the CRANK position (attempt to start the vehicle). The engine will attempt to start and stall. Leave the key in the ON position.

5.Wait 10 minutes. Observe the SECURITY light. The SECURITY light will flash for a few seconds and remain on for 10 minutes.

6.Turn the ignition key to the OFF position after the SECURITY light goes out. Wait for at least 30 seconds.

7.Repeat steps 4-7 two (2) more times. A new password is now ready to be communicated to the security system (PASSLOCK) sensor, IPC and ECC with the next ignition cycle (start attempt).

8.If the engine starts, the Password Auto Learn procedure is complete. If the engine fails to start, perform relearn procedure again.

9.Check for any DTCs. Repair as necessary and clear if present.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Refer to your vehicles service manual for detailed relearn procedures specific to your application.

If you need some tools work for GM vehicles , we recommend that you can check our GM tech2 , GM MDI , or GM MDI 2 , more request for auto diagnostic tools , welcome to check www.cnautotool.com , or contact our sales directly sale@cnautotool.com