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I have owned my Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P( http://www.autonumen.com/goods-4559-Autel+MaxiSys+Pro+Scan+Tool.html) for more than two months, and think I would go on a brief review about it.

OK, the tool was ordered from OBD365 in early March for around USD2, 690, shipping cost included. It was delivered the next day and arrived at my door 5 days later by DHL. I read and erased DTCs with it on a 08 Ford Fusion AWD. I have used an Autel diagnostic tool before, so I found no problem using the tool. The diagnosing took less than 5 minutes.

Recently I have also tried MaxiSys Pro (

Autel MaxiSys Pro,Autel MaxiSys Pro Scan Tool,MS908 PRO,MaxiSys Pro,Autel Pro diagnostic tool,,) to program some ECU, and it works also. It seems the tool is smarter than most of the already-existed Autel diagnostic tools C it supports multitask while others do not.
Autel MaxiSys Pro

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