VCM II IDS software

ADK auto diagnostic supplier newly released VCM II Ford IDS with WIFI Function. Wireless VCM II support communication with computer by WIFI. Then how to install WIFI version ford vcm2 ids?

WIFI Version VCM II for Ford IDS VCM2 Diagnostic Interface

Configuring for VCM II IDS software

Connection to a vcm ii ford should only be handled through the Device Selection Tab Figure.

Do not use the PC’s internal wireless connection (shown below) to connect to the VCM II Wireless Adapter.

VCM II VCM2 for Ford V101 Mazda V99 Diagnostic Tool 2 in 1

General Information for VCM II Wireless Issues, Works on Windows XP & 7 Only

D-Link DWA-131 Adapter for VCM II
VCM II VCM2 for Ford V101 Mazda V99 Diagnostic Tool 2 in 1
NOTE: Before configuring VCM II wirelessly, the VCM II must be configured with a wired connection. See the Configuring IDS And VCM II for the first time section in the IDS VCM II Quick Start Guide for details.

Above are all the things we share today, and hope it will do good for the people who wanna purchase wifi ford vcm2 ids scanner.

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