Launch X431 Configure & Initialize Ford PATS Passive Anti Theft System

Some FORD models(Europe) with timed coding are equipped with Passive Anti Theft System(short for PATS).

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PATS diagnosis consists of the following three options:

1.Ignition Key Erase

2.Ignition Key Programming 3.Module Initialization

1)If new keys are added, it is enough to perform “Ignition Key Programming”function.

2)If engine ECU or Immo. ECU replaced, all above options must all be performed.

1.Diagnose:Select“Calling system”menu(See Figure 1),and wait for 1-2 minutes.

Then the Vehicles Specification screen displays (See Figure 2).

Launch - X431 - Configure -1

2.Select“PCM”menu(See Figure 3)and “Passive anti theft system functions” in the “SPECIAL FUNCTION” menu(See Figure 4).

Launch - X431 - Configure -2

3.When selecting “Passive anti theft system functions”, it will display as Figure5,then perform as the following order: first, Ignition Key Erase,second, Ignition Key Programming,last, Module Initialization.

Launch - X431 - Configure -3

1.Ignition Key Erase

Select“Ignition Key Erase”menu with the hints displayed(See Figure6):This procedure will erase all stored keys from the PATS system memory. Once completed you will need to use the Ignition Key Programming option to program a minimum of 2 new keys before the PATS system will operate correctly.
Launch - X431 - Configure -4

Touch “OK”, then appears hint information as Figure 7:You will be required to connect the diagnostic tester to the vehicle for[12] minutes before security access is allowed.

Launch - X431 - Configure -5

Touch “OK” button,information display as Figure8:Gaining security access: 11 Min 56 Sec
Launch - X431 - Configure -6

During 12 minutes, hint information appears as Figure9:The following procedure will erase all known keys. It is important to have two keys available to program after this procedure as the vehicle will not start before two keys have been learned,Are two PATS keys available?

Launch - X431 - Configure -7

Select “ON” button to quit“Ignition Key Erase” function.

Select “YES” , the following messages appears: Set ignition switch to ON(Position II).

Select “OK” button,then “Ignition Key Erase” function is completed.

2.Ignition Key Programming

Select “Ignition Key Programming” menu,hint information appears as Figure10:

This procedure will add keys to the PATS system memory. Keys already known to the PATS system will not be erased. This system requires keys with a BLUE colored transponder insert. Keys with engraving on the transponder insert are NOT suitable.

When programming a remote control key fob ensure that the correct part for the vehicle is used. Different types may look identical but are not interchangeable.

Launch - X431 - Configure -8

When select “OK” button,hint message appears as Figure11:Security Access may be lost if the following actions are not completed in 10 seconds, The time starts as the ignition is switched off, Set ignition switch to OFF[Position 0],Insert a new key into the ignition, Set the ignition switch to ON, Press OK when finished.

Launch - X431 - Configure -9

Select “OK”, displaying: Set ignition switch to OFF(Position I).

Select again “OK”, displaying: Set ignition switch to ON(Position II).

Select again “OK”, then “Ignition Key Programming” function is completed.

3.Module Initialization

Select “Module Initialization”menu,and the submenu displays as Figure 12:

Launch - X431 - Configure -10

Select “PCM” menu, and appears hints as Figure 13:This option is used to match the PCM to the HEC or FIP as appropriate. It is important that the key in the ignition is programmed to this vehicle before using this option. If the key is not programmed, then module initialization will not be possible. If initialization fails,clear and reprogram all the PATS keys for this vehicle and rerun the moduleinitialization option again.

Launch - X431 - Configure -11

Select “OK” button, appears hint as Figure 14:Module reset is now complete

Launch - X431 - Configure -12

Select “OK”, then displays hints: Set ignition switch to OFF(Position I).

Select “OK”, then displays hints:Set ignition switch to ON(Position II).

Select “OK”, then displays hints:Set ignition switch to OFF(Position I).

Select “OK”, then displays hints:Set ignition switch to ON(Position II).

Select “OK”, then displays hints as Figure 15:PATS Module initialization is now complete.

Launch - X431 - Configure -13

Select “OK”, then the PCM initialization is completed.If there is not special function menu displayed when select following as Figure3,and the vehicle is indeed a PATS with timed coding mode,please send all information displayed in Figure 2 to us.

When you select “Calling system” in Figure 1 and wait for 1-2 minutes,if information as Figure 16 displayed, please send it to us.
Launch - X431 - Configure -14

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