OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Program Ford Edge 2014 Smart Key

OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS will program keys on old (pre-2014) and new (2017 up) Ford Edge. Both add key and all keys lost.  Here we have successfully added a new smart key to a Edge year 2103 via OBD.

Turn on ignition switch
Put original smart key into the cup holder
Select Immobilizer-Ford->Smart key system->Edge->Asia->pre-2014
obdstar-ford-edge-2013-smart-key-1 obdstar-ford-edge-2013-smart-key-2 obdstar-ford-edge-2013-smart-key-3 obdstar-ford-edge-2013-smart-key-4 obdstar-ford-edge-2013-smart-key-5

Put new smart key into the cup holder
Built communication
Select Program Smart Keys

Configuring system

Program key success. Continue to add another key or quit

Test the new smart key. It works.
obdstar-ford-edge-2013-smart-key-9 obdstar-ford-edge-2013-smart-key-10

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