Yanhua Mini ACDP for Volvo key add and all keys lost Confirmed working

Yanhua Mini ACDP newly adds Volvo Module 12 to add new keys and program key when all keys lost for Volvo Semi-smart (5-button) and 6-button smart key without lifting and desoldering. Coverage: 2009 -2018 Volvo.

5-button remote key add key and all keys lost
6-button smart key add key and all keys lost
Volvo S60 (2010-2018)
Volvo S80 (2009-2016)
Volvo XC60 (2009-2018)
Volvo V60 (2011-2017)
Volvo V70 (2009-2016)
Volvo XC70 (2010-2016)

acdp-volvo-semi-smart-5-button-key-programming-1 acdp-volvo-semi-smart-5-button-key-programming-2


acdp-volvo-semi-smart-5-button-key-programming-4 acdp-volvo-semi-smart-5-button-key-programming-5

Volvo semi-keyless IMMO function:
Read CEM password
Add key
All key lost
Unlock key

Volvo full-keyless IMMO function:
Read CEM password
Read KVM password
Add keyless
Delete keyless
Unlock key

Part 1: ACDP for Volvo S60 (2010 – 2018) full-keyless operation help:
The CEM is located under the co-pilot airbag.

KVM is located above the right rear wheel of the trunk.
1.”Read CEM passord” help:
The CEM password can be read in either ICP or OBD. The OBD method takes up to 8 hours. It is recommended to use the ICP method.
2. “Read KVM Password” help:
Prepare ACDP, OBP+ICP adapter, KVM interface board and KVM module.

Install the interface board to the corresponding position of the KVM module and align it with the test point.

Clamp PCB locks.

Link ACDP and KVM module.

3. “Add keyless” and “Delete keyless” help:
Please connect ACDP to the car OBD interface

4. “Unlock key” help:

Part 2: ACDP for Volvo S60 (2010 – 2018) semi-keyless operation help:

1.Prepare ACDP, OBP+ICP adapter, CEM interface board and CEM module.


2.Clamp two PCB locks.


3.Link ACDP and CEM module.


CEM position in the Volvo car.


This is the ECM module removed from Volvo car.

acdp-volvo-semi-smart-5-button-key-programming-11 acdp-volvo-semi-smart-5-button-key-programming-12 acdp-volvo-semi-smart-5-button-key-programming-13 acdp-volvo-semi-smart-5-button-key-programming-14

Help on Unlock key:

Please put the Volvo key into the BAV adapter and unlock it with the CEM password file loaded when the key is matched.


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