Autel IM608 Adds Suzuki Swift Dualjet 2020 Remote Key Success

Autel MaxiIM IM608 is able to add a remote key for Suzuki Swift Dualjet 2020 success. Key type: 47 chip, frequency 433Mhz type B.
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Have been programmed remote, let’s go to add the key with Autel IM608.

Plug connector into OBD2 port, turn on ignition with working key, press

IMMO >> VIN >> Auto detect >> Manual selection >> Other >> Swift

IMMO status scan >> BCM(8 digits) >> Add key(guided)
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Follow the notes to operate:

Turn hazard on.

Turn ignition on.

Press “Start” to perform the function automatically.

Step1. Read PIN

Step2. PIN verification

Step3. Key programming
autel-im608-adds-suzuki-swift-duojet-2020-remote-key-success-5 (2)

All keys will be erased, prepare all keys to program.

Calculate PIN online, press “Yes”.

Turn ignition ON or force to ignition ON if all keys lost.

It shows a number of keys:1, press “Yes” to learn the next one.

Swift off, pull out the first key, turn it on with the next key.

It shows 2 keys now, press “No” to finish.

Learn keys to success.

Test the new key, its remote is fine, and can start the engine normally.

autel-im608-adds-suzuki-swift-duojet-2020-remote-key-success-7 (2)
autel-im608-adds-suzuki-swift-duojet-2020-remote-key-success-8 (2)

This is how to use Autel IM608 Key Programmer to add 47 chip remote key for Suzuki Swift Dualjet 2020 by OBD.

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