Digimaster 3 Function Menu

Digimaster 3 Function Menu

Digimaster 3 Connector Instruction
1     25 Pin adapter connector     8     15 Pin adapter connector
2     Mini USB Connector     9     Power adapter
3     USB Mouse Connector     10     switch
4     RJ45 LAN Connector     11     Power Indicator Light
5     Earphone Connector     12     Touch-Pen Connector
6     SD Card Connector     13     Keyboard
7     Microphone Connector     14     7 Inch LCD Touch-screen

Keystoke     Function Instruction
F1     Backspace
keyboard     open/close soft-keyboard
OK     Enter

Yanhua Digimaster 3 Function Menu

Digimaster 3 IMMO code reader is applicable for the following car models

Mileage Correction Digimaster 3 workable market and cars: Europe, America, Japan and Korea, Motor and Engineering truck

Digimaster 3 airbag resetting for the following brand cars

Digimaster 3 supports audio decoding for the following cars

OBD2 Scanner Digimaster 3 workable market

Digimaster 3 supportted European car list

Digimaster 3 supportted American car list

Digimaster 3 supportted Japanese and Korean car list

Digimaster iii support Motor type

Digimaster iii program keys for Mercedes Benz and support models

Digimaster iii make key for BMW and workable immobilizer type, D3 program ECU for BMW and
supported chip type

Digimaster iii-please select the operation type: File, IC Read, CPU Program and Signal Generator

Digimaster iii Dgiagnostic port read code

Digimaster iii supported Citroen type

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