Ktag flashes Marelli IAW 6LP from Citroen C5 2008

This is IAW 6LPB Magneti Marelli Bench Flashing with a Ktag master ecu programmer in Boot Mode.

CitroenĀ MB SD Connect C5 bench flashing ā€“ STF10280 boot mode


Disassemble the ECU

24-2 24-3 24-4 24-5 24-6

Run Ktag kusite software

Select the model


Manufacturer: Citroen

Model: C5 (II)

Version: 2000 16v

Type: RFJ (EW10A)

KW: 103

HP: 140

Fuel: Petrol

MY: 2008

ECU Chip Tuning: Magneti Marelli IAW 6LP


FAM: 45

CHK: āˆš

RO: āˆš

Connection instruction



24-10 24-11 24-12 24-13

So, the connection mode of Magneti Marelli IAW 6LPB is like what displayed in the Galletto Manual Type B, but use K TAG BOOT PIN connection

24-14 24-15 24-16 24-17

Connected to CAN High and CAN Low, but CAN protocol not woek

Connect ed through K Line

24-18 24-19 24-20

K-Tag is reading Marelli IAW 6LP1.49 PSA

24-21 24-22


Ktag master reads Marelli successfully

Save ECU data

Exit Ktag Ksuite software.

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