Possible to use Toyota Techstream with GM MDI Interface?

Here’s the tutorial on how to use GM MDI (Multiple Diagnostic Interface) with Toyota Techstream software. This is not necessary because the MINI VCI passthru cable is very cheap for techstream.  The guide is for those who are interested in finding a good mvci alternative.

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 1

Disclaimer: You are at your risk.  We are not hold the responsibility for the damage.


Techstream has only 2 default pass-thru device selection options: TIS Techstream VIM and Xhorse MVCI

So first step we need to add MDI to the VIM selection.

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 2

Connect GM MDI interface with vehicle (here we use Windows 7 machine) via USB cable

MDI supports WiFi connection as well, but obviously we need to use USB connection here

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 3

Go to Professional Diagnostic Tool MDI software folder and find MDI Manager driver

Install MDI Manager driver setup

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 4

Install the GM MDI Software InstallShield Wizard

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 5

Configure USB

Power on the MDI, wait for the “beep”. Ten connect it to the PC with the USB  cable(already connected it).

Press the Configure button when ready. Configuration may take several minutes.

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 6

Finish installing MDI driver.

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 7

Open GM MDI Manager on desktop

MDI is not yet connected

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 8

Open Techstream software

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 9

Now the MDI passthru is added to the VIM selection

Select MDI interface and press OK

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 10

Accept Windows Security Private networks and allow access

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 11

MDI not connected (require configuration)

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 12

Open GM MDI Manager on desktop again

System prompts no MDIs detected

It require to recover MDI, press Recover button

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 13

If it warns MDI software is out of date. Run Start Update

Do not unplug the MDI from the PC or remove power from the MDI during the update process.

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 14

The MDI will automatically restart when update completed

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 15

Now the MDI interface is connected

Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 16Gm Mdi Toyota Techstream 15

Run Techstream again

Choose MDI interface

Initialize USB communication and connecting

Check the indicators on MDI adapter

Communication is built

Select vehicle model and start diagnose Toyota.


Which Ford key programming is Better ?

Want to know the comparisons for VCM 2 ,FLY FVDI J2534 & VCM IDS 3 ? Lets check one customer’s experience as following :

Question :

I just found out that my tools are not enough and need to get one of the tools mentioned to initialize module on 2011+ Ford cars and vans.

I did a lot of key programming, FIP/PCM initialization, on 2001 fords, 2006+, 2010, with Launch/Forscan, but on newer EURO5 cars I can only adapt keys, but can’t initialize the ECU. It asks for incode by outcode, which I do not have access since code generators work until 05/2010 and my tools can’t calculate it.
So, what should I choose ? VCM II clone, FLY FVDI J2534 or VCM IDS 3 ?
VCM II HQ clone is best tool of that bunch, but be aware that you will still need incode/outcode for key/security related work. You do not normally need this for programmable module installation so long as there is already a PCM present which can be read by the VCM.
Ford VCM II links for your reference :
More request , welcome to contact us

XTOOL X100 Pad Can’t Work after Update

One of our user reflected that X100 PAD can’t work and just appear “XTOOL” after update.

User: Can you help me with my XTOOL no start just said xtool in the screen. So I don’t what is wrong? Only I did use one time and today I want use but no working. When I turn on the tablet it asks me for updates and after updating. just turn on the main screen with the xtool logo but it does not work.

I send you a picture an image of the tablet. After accepting the update and wait for the restart. That was it appears on the screen of the tablet.

xtool x100_00000

How to solve this problem?

You could reinstall the system to get your XTOOL X100 Pad back.

Step1: please download reinstall file through the following link

Step2: put the reinstall file in the desktop of x100 pad

Step3: send the ID and password to us, we will operate via long-distance control.

Solved! OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS Missing Software After Upgrade


OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS after update, cluster calibrate (odometer correction) menu is missing….. Anyone had some like this??? What to do how to get it back???


Obdii365.com solution:

1.Enter Home button, choose ES File Explorer

obdstar-miss-software-2 obdstar-miss-software-3

2.Click  on Home and then choose DP folder

3. After enter the DP menu, choose the SN No. file 9514XXXXXXXX–àFUNCTION–àMILEAGE,

At the bottom of this file, there will be a 【en.cfg】, find and delete it.

4. Restart the X300DP Plus.

5. Enter 【upgrade】menu, then choose any of mileage correction software, then download it.

If problem remains unsolved, please feel free to contact us.

Rent Mercedes-Benz Online SCN Account

Rent SCN code to access user name and password.

The link

You can rent login name and password monthly or annually. You can also enter it in turn (through team viewer).
Calculating Radio Anti-theft PIN Code
Online Enabling FBS4 Key

Mercedes-Benz-1 Mercedes-Benz-2

scn coding meaning:

Software Calibration Number coding, short for SCN coding is intrudes by MB around 2005. It replaced the previous coding technique with a centralized and almost automated technique to prevent incorrect coding being selected when replacing a module.

scn online coding instruction:

Here is the online SCN coding guide.

Configure MB STAR:
Come to “SDnet Control” menu>> Configuration >>Network: workshop cable network>> Place a checkmark next to “Automatically obtain IP address”
To check the active Internet connection, select Star Browser. The registration window for the after-sales platform should open. Enter the Service Name and password if request.
Connect MB STAR diagnostic system with vehicle
Start STAR DAS software program
Select Benz model and make: Vans>>V-Class >>Sprinter>>Model designation>>Vehicle recognition. If the vehicle is not recognized, enter the required data manually (e.g. Germany, Rest of World)
Entry for retrofits and modifications – Select “Online” (“networked Star Diagnosis device”)
Change or enter the vehicle equipment codes: + ED5 (PSM installed), – ED8 (PSM preinstallation).
NOTE: If the vehicle does not have a preinstallation (ED8), ED8 does not need to be changed to ED5.
Run a Quick test
Come to the EIS (electronic ignition starter switch) control unit>> Control unit adaptation >>SCN coding >>Select the “Online (networked Star Diagnosis unit)” menu option
SCN coding will start automatically (visible on the progress bar on the screen). Please strictly follow the STAR diagnostic software instructions. Otherwise the control unit may be destroyed during the coding procedure.
When the system display a comment “The coding variant has been changed”, the SCN coding is completed. The parameterization has been completely taken over in the EIS and is thus finished.

Create Product Status Report (Download List) on Caterpillar ET Software

How to Create Product Status Report (Download List) on Caterpillar ET Software?

-Open Caterpillar ET Software, Click on Menu “Information – Product Status Report”, and Mark on “Download List”.

Create - Product - Status - Report

-Click on “Create Report”, wait until process complete, and Click “Save As” to Save Product Status Report file to your documents (.xml)
-Example Product Service Report Download (pdf format);

Benz eCOM DoIP vs. MB SD Connect C4 Diagnostic Scanner

Look here: What’s the difference between Benz eCOM DoIP diagnostic tool and MB Star diagnostic Mb Star C4 multiplexer?

In summary,

New car: eCom DoIP
eCom – laboratory\development tool. Most cheap and light. Can’t be used with DAS\HHT vehicles. Need luck with kline communication. Need to be specially setup on any diag sw installation.

Normal: Clone SDConnect C4
SDConnect – workshop\robust tool. Most universal in use. The only limitation is kline communication in Vediamo from ver5* Easy to setup. In most cases work as is.

Good to know:

Actia eCOM DoIP Box Multiplexer Kit supports DoIP for the latest E and S series, and it’s perfect for Mercedes COMAND NTG5, NTG5s1, NTG5s2, NTG5.5

ECOM is the diagnostic and swipe communication interface used by daimler-benz’s production and r&d department. It supports the after sales diagnostic software Xentry, Vediamo, and the Monaco DTS, the exclusive development software, with higher access rights than SDconnect (C4).

ECom supports the CAN/DoIP network, which CAN be used for the diagnosis and brushing of new car audio and video entertainment systems. Vediamo for Mercedes engineers is an engineering software used by Mercedes engineers to develop diagnostic software, that is, Xentry and DAS now in use is developed based on Vediamo and delivered to general after-sales dealers. For this reason, using the Mercedes super engineering version is open to all diagnosis /coding/retrofit/flashing programming features. It is possible to add or reduce SA codes freely without going through VEDOC(the process of the original factory applying for modifying the equipment code), so as to achieve the purpose of modifying the vehicle equipment, such as adding SA500 electric rearview mirror.

Xentry and DAS Developer mode, commonly known as: exploit data engineering version after 2010, has added many restrictions on functions. Therefore, people may encounter that the vehicle version is too new to enter the control unit, or they cannot make any special modifications after entering the control unit. For example, the w204/212 2012 meter may need to be configured in the regional language, or turn on other convenience functions.

The database of diagnosis /coding/retrofit/flashing for the Mercedes engineer version USES the Xentry database, so the Mercedes engineer version is dependent on the Xentry version. As long as the database is new, the Mercedes engineer version can use the V4.00 version on the new model, and compact3 & SDconnect does not support the ODX document. The latest V5.00 supports ODX files with eCom. It is recommended to use eCom with DoIP function, which is faster and more stable.

WOYO PDR007 Auto Body Repair PDR Tools HOTBOX Magnetic Induction Heater Removal Kits Paintless Dent Repair Tools

Note:There are EU Plug, US Plug and AU Plug in our store. And the Instrument has AC 100-120V and AC 220-240V. Please leave a message what you need.

Functional Description:

1. Dedicated to the removal / removal of the body dents, the thickness of not more than 1MM.

2. Auto Body heating

Look forward to more of your features Explore Depression Pit Body Sheet Metal Disassembly Heating

Product Description:

1.Simple, easy to use, low cost of learning

2.Compared with the traditional way of demolition and repair, speed 6 times faster delivery of owners, improve shop utilization, rapid recovery of investment

3.Two operating modes to adapt to different needs:

①. Time mode

②. Power mode

4.High-precision control, quality assurance, operational safety

5.Large-screen display, precise control, real-time monitoring

6.Voltage: 220~240V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Fuse: 10A

Max Voltage: 250V

Frequency: 40~45KHz

Max Power ≈ 800W

Europ Plug

English Menu

Hot sale body repair tools. It is WOYO PDR007.

WOYO PDR007 is a high-precision equipment, due to regional differences in parameter format, may not be applicable in some areas, please know before buying. Use this equipment only in accordance with local laws.

Package includes:
1pc x PDR Main
1pc x Main Cable(1.8m)
3pc x Repair Plastic Pen
1pc x power Cable(1.5m)
1pc x Repair Handle





How To connect the MaxiSys display tablet with the VCI device via Ethernet

This section describes the general procedure to connect the tablet with the J2534 ECU programming device via Ethernet connection. To establish successful communication, you need to set up the network configuration on the display tablet.

1.If not already done, power up the Autel OBD2 MaxiSys display tablet.
2.Connect the MaxiSys Display Tablet to the J2534 ECU programming device with the accompanied Ethernet serial cable.
3.Select the VCI Managerapplication from the MaxiSys Job Menu.
4.Select the Wired Network.option on the Connection Mode list.The Ethernet Setting screen displays on the right section.
5.Select a connection type:
DHCP–obtains the LAN IP address automatically
Manual–allows you to enter IP address manually
6.If Manual is selected, you need to set the IP address on your own.
NOTE:If you are not sure about the specific IP address values, please contact your network administrator.

7.Tap Apply to set up the wired network connection.

When the wired network is successfully connected, the connection status is displayed as Connected, and the two status lights at the corners alongside the Ethernet Ports on the display tablet illuminate. The solid amber light indicates steady connection, and the flashing green light indicates active communication, between the units. The Autel MaxiSYS Elite navigation button at the bottom bar shall display a green tick icon after a few seconds, indicating the MaxiSys Elite diagnostic platform is ready to perform vehicle diagnosis.