How Can You Update Your Launch X431 V/V+/Pro With Small Fees

How Can You Update Your Launch X431 V/V+/Pro With Small Fees


All the Launch Scanner users know that the latest launch x431 diagnostic tools with dbscar connector is with only one year free update online. After one year, you need to pay a lot of update fee, for example, if you want to update your launch x431 pro or pad, you need to pay more than thousand dollars. The price is beyond your budget, but you really need the latest software. Where can you get the help on it? Is there any solution? Yes, you can visit cnautotool and search item number A221-1 LAUNCH X431 5C Wifi/Bluetooth Tabletand then place order directly. After you place order, please send us your launch x431 pro or pad clear sn photo. Then we will send you the latest software by email.
Can I get the latest update by email for my launch x431 pro3?
Yes, we can send you the latest update softwares by email for all launch x431 scan tools like Launch X431 V /V+/Diagun Iii/ Pro /Pro3/ Pros/ Pro3S/ PAD/5C. But please remember to send us the necessary sn photo. If the SN is not right, the software won’t be compatible with your hardware. LAUNCH X431 5C Wifi/Bluetooth Tablet is only 128USD. For details, welcome to check:

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