CG PRO Reset Odometer on a BMW X1 CAS3 2010 M35080

Model: BMW X1

Year: 2010

Instrument type: 35080

Immobilizer: CAS3-0L15Y

Device: CG PRO 9S12 programmer

Purpose: odometer correction

cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-1 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-2

Original odometer: 191,245 km

Step 1: Remove Dash

Turn off ignition.  Remove and disassemble dashboard instrument
cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-3 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-4 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-5 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-6 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-7

Locate chip m35080DOWQ

cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-8 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-9

Step 2: Remove IMMO Box

Remove immo box CAS3-0L15Y

cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-10 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-11 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-12 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-13 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-14 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-15

Step 3: Change mileage in dash

Open CGPro software

Solder 080DOWQ chip into CGPRO M35080/35160 adapter


Select Model->Adjust mileage->BMW->35080 V1 (080DQ)


Choose Adjust mileage function icon and enter mileage you desired

Step 4: Correct odometer in Immobilizer

Connect CAS3 0L15Y eeprom IC chip with CG-Pro DB25 connector

cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-18 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-19

In CG Pro software, select Chip->Adjust mileage->BMW->CAS3 0L15Y

Manully enter new mileage you desired

Press YES to confirm


Both dash and immo mileage reset successfully. Reinstall dashboard and immo box to vehicle.


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