VW Passat Golf 7 MQB JCI Keyless Possible with VVDI2 or Lonsdor K518?

Question: I have VW GOLF 7 2017 MQB JCI (Johnson Controls) keyless all keys lost can VVDI 2 do or not ?

Answer:  All keys lost not possible with VVDI2. But okay for add a spare key.

VAG OBD helper + VVDI2/Lonsdor K518ISE with IMMO data , you safe.
Even if you lost battery / connection etc .
once you load immo data to Key Learn function you can learn key again.

VW MQB JC with VAG OBD Helper + VVDI2

VW MQB JC with  VAG OBD Helper + Lonsdor

VW MQB JC with VAG OBD Helper + VVDI2

Model example: VW Passat 2017 MQB Keyless system

Keyless key programming

Prepare dealer key

Remote key learning


One original keyless GO key

VAG OBD helper (with token & Network Connection)

Xhorse VVDI2

Xhorse VW MQB Smart Remote Key XSMQB1EN
vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-01 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-02

Step 1. Use OBD helper to read the MQB – NEC35XX part immo data

The original remote key can start the car, press the ” Engine start /stop” to turn on ignition on.

Install VAG OBD Helper V1.0.0 software on the computer, connect OBD Helper to vehicle

Click on “Read car information” to have info of manufacture, VIN, Immo type, power, key count, KeyID etc.

Reading data…

Connecting to server…

MQB -NEC35XX part immo data success saved…

vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-03 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-04

Step 2: Prepare dealer key first, then learn key to car

Unplug VAG OBD Helper from vehicle, then connect VVDI2 cable.


Open VVDI2 software, go to VW /Audi /Skoda Online Key Learn -> Special Function

Click on “Diag” and have message Johnson Controls will be supported in future.

Click on “Key Learn” -> “MQB platform instrument immobilizer” -“Instrument with NEC35xx (Continental /VDO).
vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-06 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-07

Click on “Immo data prepare key” to load immo data.
vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-08 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-09

Choose car manufacture “VW”->”Prepare normal dealer key”, then “Next”.


Click on “Yes” to continue prepare normal dealer key.


Put the original key into the coil of VVDI2 machine.

Select “add key”.
vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-013 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-014 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-015

Do you want to save the synchronize data? you can prepare a dealer key with synchronize data while lost all key.

vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-016 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-017

Please input the new key (Xhorse key XSMQB1EN 3 Buttons)into device programmer.


Prepare dealer key success, please learn the new dealer key to car.

Click on “Add key”.

You should backup EEPROM and Immo data before learn key.


Input 2 learning key number.

Click on “Load immo data”.

Click on “Next”

Put the dealer key nearby car ignition switch.



Click on “Yes” to agree car has keyless.


Click on “Yes” to learn keyless GO key.

Learned key number /Total key number:1/2.

Please put 2 key nearby car ignition switch and the press ok.

vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-025 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-026

Start learning…

All keys successfully learned.

vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-027 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-028

Test remote and new key



Both key works.

VW MQB JC with  VAG OBD Helper + Lonsdor K518ISE

Volkswagen Passat 2017 MQB Keyless Johnson Controls

Remote key programming

CS Reading online

Prepare dealer key

Key learning

Device required:

An original key

Xhorse VW MQB Smart Remote Key XSMQB1EN

VAG OBD helper (with token & Network Connection)

Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer


Step 1: Read IMMO data
Turn on ignition with original MQB key
Connect OBD Helper cable with vehicle

Read car information

Save MQB-NEC35XX part immo data
and paste the immo date to K518 customfile (Go to K518->Internal storage->customfile
vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-035  vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-037
Unplug vag obd cable

Step 2: Make dealer key
Connect K518ise with vehicle
Go to Immobilizer->VW->IMMO4->Auto identify IMMO


Perform the following operations according to the key type:
Smart key: Turns the ignition off and then on
IMMO key: Switch off the ignition with the key that allows the vehicle to be started
Lonsdor shows immo function not supported currently

Go back to VW->IMMO4->Select IMMO Manually->MQB-35XX (Continental/VDO)->Immobilizer->Make dealer key
vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-040 vvdi2-obd-helper-program-vw-passat-mqb-jc-keyless-remote-041
This function can import data to learn a programmed dealer key or OEM key (copy original car ID),
the key will be made and use it to learn more keys
Select immo data bin file that we have pasted to K518 customfile


Reads Immo type, CS and PIN

Generate dealer key->VW
Please put the original key into the key socket k518
Detect original key
Input new key into k518 slot
Generate dealer key success

Step 3: Learn key
Select Key Programming (OBD)

This function can import immobilizer data for key programming,make sure the keys (for programming) are the dealer’s keys

Select IMMO data from k518 customefile
Confirm CS and PIN
Turn the ignition on with the original car key.
For a smart key, turn ignition off and on, open and close the car door, then click ok
Attach the original MQB key to the induction coil

The key to add must be the dealer’s key, if not, please go to create a dealer key to generate it, enter the quantity and prepare all keys to be added before programming
Enter key number to learn: 2
Is the key a smart key
Press Yes
Place the key to learn near the vehicle’s induction coil and continue work after lighting the dashboard
Place key 1 near the induction coil and keep the other keys away
Programming in process, do not remove the smart key
Place key 2 near the induction coil and keep the other keys away
Programming in process, do not remove the smart key
Add key finished
Now test remote and new key.

Both key works.

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