ODIS-E Offboard Diagnostic Information System Engineering 11.0.0 Download Free (No Time Limit)

Freee download Offboard Diagnostic Information System Engineering 11.0.0

There is no time limit, the license expires in 2030
To save you time, name defaults to 1



It is the engineering version of ODIS-S. It features direct access to the platform projects, direct access to the ECU Programmer, and direct access to its diagnostic functions. If you exactly know what you are doing this is best solution.

As the title it is usually only available and used for engineering purposes. But that does not mean the tool is more powerful than ODIS-S:

It does not bypass any ECU functions or contains security codes or something.

Only benefit is probably that you can see some functions and coding with text. It’s just a better usability and strictly access to diagnostic functions.

It’s different from ODIS-S.


ODIS Service is the “new” official diagnostic tool. It’s java based and is able to do also any diagnostic service supposed to be done in repair shops. Most of them of course online. And it also features guided reps (so did VAS PC).

Question: Error installing PostSetup: ODS9029E

Solution: download the new license and copy the license to
“C: ProgramData\Offboard_Diagnostic_Information_System_Engineering\license”
Reinstall PostSetup and the problem will be solved!

Is the activation clean without any limits or splash screens?

Activation is clean and there is no time limit

Have you managed to install the projects ?, and if so, how have you put them ?, copy and paste ?, because I do not recognize the program

It should be just copy + paste the folder in “C:\ODIS-DIAG-MODULES-ENGIN\MCD-PROJECTS-Engineering\DSVR-ProdiMCD\”  <—- that is the way, what worked on older versions.
I’m not sure if it works same on this version, but it should. (I’m still waiting for key, that’s why i’m not sure)

Is the link safe?

Your own risk. For sake of security, use my link:

It works as it claims, it workswith VAS 5054A and VAS6154 china clone

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