LAUNCH X431 PADIII vs Launch X431 V 8inch multi-brand diagnostic tool

Launch X431 PAD III is a very professional multi-brand diagnostic tool . There are far more features, special functions and passenger cars / heavy duty trucks brands compared to Launch X431 V 8inch. Besides Launch X431 PADIII enjoys 3-year free update online.

Here Launch X431 PAD III full package:
launch-x431-padiii-vs-x431-v-1 launch-x431-padiii-vs-x431-v-2

Packed with:

1pc x X-431 PAD III Display Tablet
1pc x VC Module
1pc x Power Adapter for X-431 PAD III
1pc x Type A to B Cable
1pc x Diagnostic Cable
1pc x Power Adaptor for VCI Module
1pc x Cigarette Lighter Cable
1pc x Battery Clamps Cable
1pc x HD In / Ouut Cable
1pc x Password Envelope
1pc x Non-16pin Adaptor Cable
1pc x Quick Start Guide

Here Launch X431 V 8inch full package:


Packed with:

1pc x X-431 v handset
1pc x Password envelope
1pc x X-431 v protection sleeve
1pc x DBScar diagnostic connector (For connecting OBD II vehicles)
1pc x OBD II extension cable
1pc x Cigarette lighter cable
1pc x Power adaptor
1pc x USB data cable
1pc x Non-16pin connector  (For connecting non-OBD II vehicle)

Launch X431 PADIII car model list and function list:

Firstly click on “Passenger car series“, then “Heavy duty series“.

Passenger cars range: European, American, Asian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Malaysian etc. 190 car brands in total.

Heavy duty series: world-wide branded trucks

***By clicking on the specific car brand, you can select “Model, year, system, function”.


And click on “Reset” under “Passenger car series” for service reset functions, including:

AFS reset, bleeding, Bat. reset, brake reset, DPF regeneration, ETS reset, EGR adaption, gearbox, gear learn, injector, immo, oil reset, SAS reset, sus reset, sunroof, TPMS reset etc.

For  “Heavy duty series”, there is only one single special function “Sunroof” for Benz, BMW, Chrysler.

***By clicking on the specific reset function, you can select “Brand, Model, Year”.


Launch X431 V 8inch car model list and function list:

It only works with the car models not heavy duty trucks.

X431 V coverage: from Europe, America, Asia, India, Maylaysia, China etc.

X431 V special functions: Brake reset, Oil reset, SAS Rest, BAT reset, Bleeding , Elec. throttle Relearn, TPMS reset, DPF reset., Gear learning, IMMO, etc, also support special function such as BMW idle study, BMW injection rate adjustment, BMW battery replacement, Nissan matching key.

Here you can have X431 V all details (carlist, special functions list, how to register, how to update, how to use etc)
launch-x431-padiii-vs-x431-v-6 launch-x431-padiii-vs-x431-v-7 launch-x431-padiii-vs-x431-v-8

To sum up:

Therefore, it is obvious that Launch X431 PADIII is much more powerful than Launch X431 V, and the price is also higher than X431 V. X431 PADIII is a new product in 2019 with higher hardware configuration. X431 V is an old diagnostic tool that has been well-received by many customers.

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