Iprog+ pro Clone Feedback Yes & No from Users

During the past 3 months, more than 150 users purchased Iprog Pro Programmer. After several weeks of follow-up, this article author collected 5 customer feedbacks, including one customer’s problem and solution. Many thanks to all genuine users.

Here we can start:

Iprog+ clone review 1:

Isuzu Dmax 2010 all key lost done by Iprog+ clone
isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-1 isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-2 isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-3

Iprog+ clone review 2:

I ordered one iprog clone, I can cofirm that Iprog+ clone is working perfect on these keys: to reset a used Smartkey of Subaru Impreza (renew, make virgin), it is a DENSO 14ACA Type.


Iprog+ clone review 3:

Iprog clone masos for the drop of the car and the car box will be closed dpf egr evap car toyota and Lexus will make the car use the stand.

isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-5 isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-6 isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-7 isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-8 isuzu-dmax-2010-all-key-lost-done-by-iprog-plus-clone-9

Iprog+ clone review 4:

My iprog+ clone can do good work.

Credits to one DK veteran.


Next is to Iprog+ clone problems and solutions:

Problem 1: I have a 2010 GMC terrain , I purchased the car and it has 999999 on the dash board when I scanned it, GDS2 shows me it has 16.7 million miles , my question is I am trying to put the mileage back to original state of 257.000 KM car is Canadian  I am going to be using iprog+  is the info for it in the BCM or the cluster or Both.


BCM should be enough, but if the dash does not display new mileage you may need to do both. 24c16 in dash and BCM.

Problem 2: How to solve iprog clone pin test error?

Q: I bought a Key Programming Tool iprog+ clone from ebay in last week. but I tried read eeprom in dash, there was a pin test error massage .I try with 93c56,86,and 66 but this error occur.

A: Connect the eeprom adapter only and run the Adapter Test.ipr in menu to check wether the adapter is good or bad.

Q: sir I tested and this massage show and after translate to English….

Power-up test …
Installation: 2.6 V, Real: 1.3 V (1.3) Error 10B = 0.9 Error
Installation: 2.8 V, Real: 1.3 V (1.5) Error 10B = 0.9 Error
Installation: 2.9 V, Real: 1.3 V. (1.6) Error 10B = 0.9 Error
Installation: 3.1 V, Real: 1.3 V (1.8) Error 10B = 0.9 Error
Installation: 3.4 V, Real: 1.3 V (2.1) Error 10B = 0.9 Error
Installation: 3.8 V, Really: 1.4 V. (2.4) Error 10B = 0.9 Error
Installation: 4.3 V, Really: 1.4 V. (2.9) Error 10B = 0.9 Error
Installation: 5.0 V, Really: 1.5 V. (3.5) Error 10B = 1.0 Error
!!!!!!!! Overload on power supply, the test is terminated.



The eprom adapter can be repaired.
The diagram can help you.


To be continued…


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