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The Difference between Oiginal Factory CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adapter III Scanner and OEM Cat Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adapter

As we all known the CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Tool Truck scanner can support for heavy duty trucks and can support Bulldozer, Wheel Loader, Excavator, Dump Truck, Grader these truck, but not all the truck scan support according to the car type and the year of car, now we sell both the original factory cat caterpillar ET adapter and OEM cat caterpillar ET diagnostic adapter III,you can check with our store about the Cat Caterpillar scanner.

The difference between the caterpillar ET diagnostic Adapter III the main cable is the big different, the original factory Auto key Programmer Cat Caterpillar the cable is the COM port cable, and the OEM cat caterpillar Adapter III the cable is USB port cable. the belows photo are the cable for the Cat Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adapter III:

MB SD C4 Tourismo bus communication error (fixed)

I bought the MB SD C4+Dell D630 Laptop pre-installed bundle, when I test it have the problem Mb Star C4 cannot power on when connected with Mercedes Tourismo bus, I contacted there customer service at, and here is the solution provided by their engineer.

I will explain my problem in detail:

” I have tried 2 different mb sd connect c4 on Tourismo buses and sd connect does not power on.In the meantime those MB SD Connect C4 works normally to any other MB Truck and car.also on Tourismo have check MB Star C3 and works normally.”

You should check:

bus with OBD
pin 4 + 5
both must be connected and ground

In SDConnect “-” is 5 pin only. There is 4 contact not used in 16pin OBD connector.

“i’m getting an communication error when connecting xentry to a Mercedes tourismo.”


A Communication error has occurred when access FPS system


– turn OFF/ON BUS ground switch (our remove battery – cable). FPS1 wake up and MB Star diagnostic recognized FPS1/VIN code.


– enter the DAS ATEGO truck come and place manually and then it will work perfect

” Another problem is : “Currently the speed limit is set to 100 km/h. I’m trying to set it to higher value (with Mercedes Star Diagnosis MB SD C4 DAS using modified EOL files). On the menu it tells me that I can, because there are higher values (105 km/h. 112 km/h, etc). But when I try to set the speed limit to higher than 100 km/h it doesn’t allow me to do it (can’t save the changes). When I try to set it below 100 km/h everything goes fine.”

I done the Access special settings , and it working perfect now!

KTAG FW 7.020 vs. KTAG 7.003 vs. KTAG 6.070: Which new ECU?

This blog will totally make you clear:

What’s the difference KTAG FW 7.020 vs. KTAG 7.003 vs. KTAG 6.070? Which ECU types are newly supported?

Check below KTAG FW 7.020 Ksuite V2.23 screenshots!

In general, KTAG Firmware 7.020 add more than 100 ECU protocols newly supported.

Some screenshots of KTAG FW 7.020 Ksuite V2.23 new ECU protocols:


BDM HC12 (Continental Siemens VDO, etc)

BDM HC16 (DENSO 21175, etc)


BOOTLOADER M32R (DENSO 21175, etc)


BOOTLOADER ST10FXXX (BOSCH M7.4.4, BOSCH M7.9.7, BOSCH ME7.1.1, BOSCH ME7.4.4, BOSCH ME7.4.5, BOSCH ME7.9.10, etc)




NBD NEC 76F00XX (DENSO 175822 TOYOTA, DENSO 275036 TOYOTA, etc)

And KTAG Firmware 7.020 PCB Board for checking:

How to distinguish high quality Witech 2 Chrysler Micropod II?

Witech 2 Mopar Micropod II Chrysler diagnostic and programmer tool with Mopar micropod 2 Software V17.02.3 cover CAN Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Fiat (North America)vehicles. Chrysler Micropod 2 from equipment full chips support Chrysler online coding. Below we share how to distinguish high quality Witech 2 Chrysler Micropod II.

wiTECH MicroPod 2 With V17.03.10 Software witech 2 micropod ii

Why choose Mopar MicroPod II from Just check below comparison:

Any question about Witech 2 Chrysler Micropod II, pls feel free to contact

(Solved) VCM 2 is not recognized by JLR SDD program

I have a clone VCM 2 that works well for VCM II VCM2 for Ford Mazda 2 in 1, purchased from with $115.
I have installed JLR SDD v139 on another computer but the VCM 2 is not recognized by JLR SDD program
in the device manager the VCM 2 is shown as ETAS VCI USB RNDIS device
that was after I ran the ford setup prog
before that no driver was installed

I have downloaded bosch vci software (ford-vcm-ii) that JLR SDD will run with.

Solution from forums:
if you have 96.02 Working with your Professional Diagnostic Tools Ford VCM II diagnostic tool, then take the file from
c:/program files/Ford motor company/IDS/Runtime/Istall3rdparty
(Program files (x86) if 64bit windows

there is folder called ETAS, That is what you need.

It is a useful solution & that is exactly what i needed.
I ran the etas setup and worked 100%.

How to locate the Diagnostic connector on your BMW motorcycle

This page shows some pictures of where to find the gs-911 BMW motorcycle diagnostic connector on some motorcycle models

If your model is not featured here, and you would like to contribute, then please email us an image, and we will put it up here…
What to look for? …this round 10 pin connector, usually covered with a cap.


16 17 18 19 20

Volvo Vocom 88890300 Highlights

Vocom 88890300 is for maintenance of Volvo trucks, Volvo buses and other heavy vehicles made by Volvo. This tool offers complete range of diagnostic operation on Volvo trucks and other heavy vehicles made since year 2002 with a high speed connection to the ECU. For older Volvo heavy vehicles made in year 1998 or earlier all diagnostic operations available on the usual (lower) speed connection to the ECU.
Volvo Vocom 88890300 Highlights:
1. Support Multi-languages(Please check the pictures in below description)
2. Support Volvo Renault UD Mack Truck Diagnose
3. Support Windows XP/win 7
4. Installation video is on coming CD
5. 88890300 price: €650

Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface is a diagnostics application that covers the whole repair process through the use of plug-ins. Volvo 88890300 Vocom which can be installed on Windows XP/win 7 system, multi-language available.

Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface is a diagnostics application that covers the whole repair process through the use of plug-ins. With Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface you can diagnose, test, calibrate, and program a product. A product could be a vehicle, engine, or a machine.

Volvo 88890300 Vocom Interface at CnAutotool also provide functions for updating the tool, communication with the product, and other external applications. The set of plug-ins, user authorizations, and available languages is adjustable to provide every user with what they need.

The main feature of Digiprog 3 is odometer correction

The main feature of Digiprog III digiprog 3 odometer programmer is odometer correction. The optional languages are Deutsch, English, Espanol, French, Portuguese, Italiano, Turkey, Nederlands. While Digimaster III has English and Chinese. DigiProg III is originally made in UK. The official price is 12000 €. Most buyers cannot afford the genuine version. So I compare the original Digimaster 3 with the clone Digiprog 3 made in China.

They got different advantages. DigiProg III has its advantage for European cars. But updating is a problem. The clone factory will spend time to hack it and use it for the clone Digiprog 3, so it is not so convenient as the original Digimaster 3 which can update online any time.

Check your speedometer for accuracy. You can find accuracy algorithms available online. These websites will ask you to input simple numbers, specifically the time it took you to travel one mile at a set speed. For example, if you traveled one mile in one minute and registered a speed of 50 mph, then your speedometer is off by 20 percent. The correct reading should be 60 mph. This will give you the amount of correction that is needed.

CnAutotool Recommended DA-VINA 2534 SDD VCI device to you

Should you own a motor vehicle, you most likely have had to have it repaired at many point or another. Case something every motorist must deal with. Looking for a reputable auto repair shop can be extremely frustrating. Luckily, the following article will highlight how to find reliable company that you can count on DA-Dongle J2534.

The Land Rover Discovery was originally brought to fill the gap manufactured by the initial Range Rover’s move upmarket. Originally launched being a three-door in 1989, it soon evolved right five-door, along with the Discovery Series 2, which was introduced nine years later, boasted a lot more than 700 modifications in a feat to universalize the appeal of the Land Rover. The Discovery 3, launched in 2004 took the style and technology of its predecessors to new heights. It turned out now a substantial contender for your top spot, and was designed around a hybrid of the ladder frame and monocoque chassis.

DA-VINA 2534 SDD VCI device is new release Vehicle Communication interface for Jaguar Land Rover. DA-VINA 2534 VCI network adapter have its new features. Below CnAutotool Recommended J2534 SDD VCI Device DA-VINA 2534 VCI network adapter.

Jaguar land rover approved sae/j2534 pass-thru interface supports fully vehicle line on JLR Defender, Discovery/LR3/LR4, Range Rover Sport & New Range Rover Sport, New Range Rover, Freelander/LR2, Evoque, XJ-350/X351, XK-X150, XF, S-Type, X-Type and F-Type;DAVINA-2534 supports Range Rover vehicle line fully supported apart from viewing data logger signals from both ECM and TCM modules simultaneously on 2006MY variants.

The DA-VINA 2534 connect with the vehicle via OBD-II Diagnostic connector

Cnuatotool could be the industry’s advanced model, our mission provides quality auto diagnostic tools and newest land rover cable da-dongle j2534 for benz ,due to stable performance, reliable quality, business integrity management, Monash Guangsian, we have now entry to numerous customer recognition and highly dependent on, welcome friends from all circles to check out obding Co., LTD visit, guidance and business negotiation

DA-Dongle J2534 SDD VCI Dispositif pour Jaguar et Land Rover est con?u comme un pass-through appareil de remplacement de communication de véhicule qui peut être utilisé pour la majorité des applications de diagnostic JLR SDD. The DA-Dongle J2534 vehicle Interface connect with the vehicle via OBD-II Diagnostic connector directly, it will use together with SDD. Once the DA-VINA J2534 *.DLL files are loaded, DAVINA diagnsotic interface will allow normal operation with JLR SDD Diagnostic Tool. All communication is possible on with this device.

The Series I production cars, costing just usd99 were clad in aluminum alloy because of post-war Britain’s shortage of steel. This model sold 200,000 units in decade, but was soon replaced with the Series II in 1958, which introduced selectable 4WD and also a diesel. I thought this was quickly as well as the Defender, of 1990, which remains a popular vehicle, selling 25,000 units around the world annually.

The stove DA J2534 was created to cater for growing American sales of recreational off-roaders, as well as introduction in 1970 was met with near-universal acclaim. The P38a model that succeeded it had been produced for seven years, replaced from the vastly improved L322 that began Range Rover’s progression into a luxury car.