Launch X431 Pro 3 Professional Diagnostic Tool Review

Launch X431 Pro 3 is one of the latest Android-based devices for troubleshooting vehicles. This device is an upgrade of the Launch diagnosis and it is developed for internet applications.


Launch X431 Pro 3 Overview

Therefore, the Launch X431 Pro 3 diagnoses a wide variety of cars. Obviously, it gives accurate test results and has powerful functions.

This diagnostic device achieves a full system of the car’s model and vehicle diagnosis. It also integrates more services and applications.

In addition, it is equipped with a 5.1 Android OS.

Launch X431 Pro 3 Detailed Review

The Launch X431 Pro 3 is compatible with diesel and heavy duty gas-fuelled vehicle models of 12 Voltage and 24V. It is also compatible with vehicles built in America, Europe, and Asia and individual software of these vehicles.
It also integrates services and applications like remote assistance and instant messaging.

It takes advantages of the mobile internet to offer the following:

* Data stream reading.
* DTC clearing.
* DTCs readings.
* Actuation test.
* Other special functions.

In addition, the device has been inbuilt in a way that it is compatible with workshops via Bluetooth and wireless connectivity.
Launch X431 Pro 3 is an diagnostic device that is compatible with vehicles built in America, Europe and Asia and individual software of these vehicles.The Launch X431 Pro 3 diagnoses a wide variety of cars.

Besides, the Golo business manager makes it possible for the device to offer a remote diagnosis. Furthermore, other functions available on this device include:

* An online repair database which is free.
* Cinet vehicle management.
* Online repair.

* Service resources.

Moreover, it comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi module which enables free internet browsing. You can also send and receive emails on this troubleshooting tablet.


The Launch X431 Pro 3 has an HD display of 10.1 inches with an LCD resolution of 1200 by 800. It also has capacitive touchscreen properties.

The following are the software that you should download to your Launch troubleshooting device:

* X431 master/Diagun.
* CRecorder 2.
* X431 pro-fix.
* CReader 5.
* X431 pro 3 Fix.
* CReader 6.

Features and Functionality of Launch X431 Pro 3

* ECU coding – New code modules which work with your car’s system like ABS units, Fuel injector, Airbag module etc.
* Clear fault codes – Also clear warning lights like engine lights, airbags etc.
* Real-time diagnosis – Offers real-time diagnosis for Golo users.
* Auto search and VIN recognition.
* Multiple graphing.

* Recording of live data.

* Provides description- It does this by reading fault codes.

* Actuation and component testing.


The Launch X431 Pros 3 troubleshooting device is highly recommended. This is because this device offers accurate testing results.

With this device, it’s not only possible to do remote troubleshooting but also connect vehicles with workshops for Golo users.

The device is also recommended since it offers fast and reliable results for a wide range of vehicles. This is because the device has access to a car database and repair tips.

Another why we recommend this device is that it integrates services and applications.

Who Is Launch X431 Pro 3 Built For?

Launch X431 Pro 3 is built for professionals and garage shops. Besides, enthusiastic car owners will find it a great choice.

The Bottom Line

The Launch X431 Pro 3 is a must-have vehicle troubleshooting device with specialized functionality. It offers accurate test results and enables remote diagnosis.

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