Yanhua ACDP Read DME ISN for BMW MEVD172P

Hi, I use Yanhua Mini ACDP + Module 3 can’t read ISN from MEVD172P(N20) F-series controller with (p can) in OBD/CAN mode. How to do?

Need to use BENCH mode to read your car’s ISN.
The following is the operation guide:

1. Select “BMW” >> “DME ISN” >> “BENCH Mode Read/Write DME ISN” >> “BOSCH DME” >> “Fxx”, then select “Help” in N20 (MEVD172P) to connect the device.

2. Prepare the ACDP adapter, OBP+ICP, interface board and DME.

3. Connect the interface card to the DME interface correctly as shown.

4. Short the CAN resistor on the OBP + ICP adapter to “CAN-R Join”.

5. Connect the ACDP adapter, OBP+ICP, interface board and DME.

6. After the connection is completed, go back to the previous interface, select N20 (MEVD172P) and follow the prompts to read and write.

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