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How to Solve K518 program Renault primastar 2004 key ok but not start van

Lonsdor K518ISE:Renault primastar 2004 – program key all went OK, but after finished the key would not start van, or work with central locking.

2x keys tested, both from AUTOWAVE company. keys were LOCKED after programming.

Programmed under Renault trafic first, then Renault master second key used.

Maybe it was faulty keys, I don’t know, autowave keys are usually good.


ISK (Crypto low, Crypto high) = is the 6 byte in HITAG2 which close the pcf (like a password) if you have cloning stuff you can see the ISK after key decoding, like Handy or something or some tools are informing you like Renault ECu tool. Whatever, you got the ISK
Take your transponder programmer and enter the isk. Put the locked key to the programmer, it depends the prommer there is a different ways but you can always unlock Renault hitag2 keys or cards(7946, 7947) if you have the ISK.
And yes even the EFFI able to do it, my miraclone have a dedicated button..etc.
When I programming Renault I always writing down the ISK. If the key is broken/defected/something I can start over after unlock.

In addition, the only key you can’t unlock if you know ISK is the new Renault card for Meganne. 2. If order by official dealer card come locked with Vin you order and can’t unlock with any way.

Lonsdor K518ise key programmer add non-smart keys to Renault Clio 3

Confirmed! Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer is able to add non-smart keys to Renault Clio 3

In Lonsdor K518ise:

Immobilizer – Renault – select from vehicle – Clio – Clio 3


Add non-smart keys


Downloading application…


Lonsdor starts programming new keys…

Turn off the ignition switch and remove the key


Current key: 2

lonsdor-k518ise-renault-clio-5 lonsdor-k518ise-renault-clio-6
Insert the key and switch ignition on


Switch ignition off, remove the key


Insert the key and switch ignition on


Switch ignition off, remove the key


Continue to program the next key


Key learn complete


Test both keys

lonsdor-k518ise-renault-clio-13 lonsdor-k518ise-renault-clio-14

Lonsdor K518 BMW Mini Downgrade Fail Error Solution

Problem: Lonsdor K518S yesterday failed to program mini r56 2012 cas3++ istap version. After downgrade it with the properly menu. Went to program key and lonsdor keep saying cas need update.

Fail fail fail. And cas now is faulty and car doesn’t s tart. Tried to update cas with original BMW istap and at the end gave error. This never happened to me before. Last time I had this problem just updated cas with istap and cas became alive. How to fix now? I know how to fix it, problem is LONSDOR IS NOT DOING UPDATES PROPERLY.

Solution: Mini downgrade is unstable,need to dismantle cas and read data before updating cas Find a car exactly the same as this one, and rewrite the eeprom data. then the car will be as normal. (you need to dismantle cas and read data before updating cas for cas3+/3++

Peugeot 407 2007 read pin & program keys by Lonsdor K518ISE

Possible to program remotes (Peugeot 407 2007) using Lonsdor?

Yep! it’s tested. Lonsdor K518ISE is able to read pin codes and program new keys and remotes to 407.

The test: (done by engineers working for

step 1: read pin

step 2: add new keys

step 3: program remotes

in detail…

Step 1: Read Pin Code

Select- Peugeot-1 Select- Peugeot-2 Select- Peugeot-3
During the function operation, the windshield wiper brushes and the headlight illuminates which is normal
To stop wiper brush, check Help and pull out the corresponding fuse.

Turn ignition switch to ON position

Select- Peugeot-4

Lonsdor is gonnna to read vehicle information

Select- Peugeot-5

Reading data and verifying pin

Read pin code success

Step 2: Program a new key

Select Peugeot->Select from vehicle->407->Immobilizer->Program key

Select- Peugeot-6 Select- Peugeot-7

Turn on ignition

Select- Peugeot-8

require to enter pin to access

Select- Peugeot-9

Turn ignition off and then turn on within 15 seconds

Select- Peugeot-10

Program complete.

Press YES to program next key or Cancel to quit.

Step 3: Program the remote control

Select- Peugeot-12

Step to reprogram remote control:
1.Switch ignition off and remove key
2. Insert a key and switch ignition on
3. Press any button of the remote key for 10 seconds and release within 20 seconds.
4. Switch ignition off and remove key
5. For more keys, repeat step 2-4

Select- Peugeot-13

Job’s done!

Result: success!

CG PRO Reset Odometer on a BMW X1 CAS3 2010 M35080

Model: BMW X1

Year: 2010

Instrument type: 35080

Immobilizer: CAS3-0L15Y

Device: CG PRO 9S12 programmer

Purpose: odometer correction

cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-1 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-2

Original odometer: 191,245 km

Step 1: Remove Dash

Turn off ignition.  Remove and disassemble dashboard instrument
cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-3 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-4 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-5 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-6 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-7

Locate chip m35080DOWQ

cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-8 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-9

Step 2: Remove IMMO Box

Remove immo box CAS3-0L15Y

cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-10 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-11 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-12 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-13 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-14 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-15

Step 3: Change mileage in dash

Open CGPro software

Solder 080DOWQ chip into CGPRO M35080/35160 adapter


Select Model->Adjust mileage->BMW->35080 V1 (080DQ)


Choose Adjust mileage function icon and enter mileage you desired

Step 4: Correct odometer in Immobilizer

Connect CAS3 0L15Y eeprom IC chip with CG-Pro DB25 connector

cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-18 cgpro-bmw-x1-change-mileage-19

In CG Pro software, select Chip->Adjust mileage->BMW->CAS3 0L15Y

Manully enter new mileage you desired

Press YES to confirm


Both dash and immo mileage reset successfully. Reinstall dashboard and immo box to vehicle.


Lonsdor K518ISE programs 2005 Ford Focus key in two minutes

A quick demonstration of Lonsdor K518ISE programming key for 2005 Ford Focus in two minutes. And for more auto key programming,check hereautomotive key programming cases.
This is the Ford with this key the HP 100 101, sorry not the Tibbe key.
It’s very simple to use Car Key Programmer Lonsdor K518ISE.
You see there is a range of other things but we’re just doing this key today.
So just show you the original key is this one and when you put that in the ignition, turn the ignition on and this light here that’s currently, flashing will go solid and then go out that shows that the system’s working.
The new key is this one, it’s been cut ready, switch the ignition on and you see that light goes just flash basically, so it’s not programmed yet.
So, go to “Immobilizer“.
There is a nice search function at the right corner of the machine.
Type F and choose “Ford”, then “China”.
Yes, it does say China, but I’ve tested it quite a few times there’s name of Europe, South America, and anything else, it’s just China here, but it does work under that, so we are gonna go for China.
lonsdor-k518ise-key-programming-on-a-ford-focus-10 lonsdor-k518ise-key-programming-on-a-ford-focus-11 lonsdor-k518ise-key-programming-on-a-ford-focus-12 lonsdor-k518ise-key-programming-on-a-ford-focus-13 lonsdor-k518ise-key-programming-on-a-ford-focus-14
We will see that years the classic focus’s, tap “Type 2”, then “Immobilizer”.
Tap “Add key”, then get message “Downloading application”.
lonsdor-k518ise-key-programming-on-a-ford-focus-15 lonsdor-k518ise-key-programming-on-a-ford-focus-16 lonsdor-k518ise-key-programming-on-a-ford-focus-17
Read message ” Connect device (Lonsdor K518) OBD test cable with the vehicle OBD port, switch ignition one.”, tap “OK”.
lonsdor-k518ise-key-programming-on-a-ford-focus-18 lonsdor-k518ise-key-programming-on-a-ford-focus-19
Please insert the new key to be programmed. Note: It needs two right keys to start vehicle.
So we are in a certain new key to be programmed which is this new one here, so press “OK”.
lonsdor-k518ise-key-programming-on-a-ford-focus-20 lonsdor-k518ise-key-programming-on-a-ford-focus-21
Identified number of programmed keys in car:2, select “OK”.
Programming, please wait…
Programming complete, successfully programmed key count (2).
So I’m going to test out because that should have jumped up to free rarely.
Just ignition on, insert back to see if the light goes solid and goes out.
So that’s goes solid and goes out, the key is programmed.


And going to check another one, insert into the ignition and to see if the light goes solid and goes out, then the key is programmed successfully.
So they both work. So when it says keys programmed to it must have meant the new key count will be too, so there must have just been just this one key programmed at the time and the other key is gonna be this one the new one. To me that should say free, but it works, the both start the car. So we’re gonna do is pop the key in just test it turn the ignition on, might go solid and goes out, means it’s gonna work it’s a neutral, start the car.
So Lonsdor K518 programmer takes literally less than two minutes to program the key.
lonsdor-k518ise-key-programming-on-a-ford-focus-27 lonsdor-k518ise-key-programming-on-a-ford-focus-28 lonsdor-k518ise-key-programming-on-a-ford-focus-29 Official Blog All rights reserved Lonsdor K518ISE programs 2005 Ford Focus key in two minutes

(Solved) Lonsdor K518ise cannot read PIN code from Grand Cherokee 2014

Used to read pin codes for 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee using Lonsdor K518ISE.

But now i cannot read the pin.

this is the version able to read pin from Grand Cherokee

l(Solved) Lonsdor K518ise cannot read PIN code from Grand Cherokee 2014 -1

but now it cannot…

forced to update sw

(Solved) Lonsdor K518ise cannot read PIN code from Grand Cherokee 2014 -2

(Solved) Lonsdor K518ise cannot read PIN code from Grand Cherokee 2014 -3

(Solved) Lonsdor K518ise cannot read PIN code from Grand Cherokee 2014 -4

nothing changed

the machine device info (id, sn)

(Solved) Lonsdor K518ise cannot read PIN code from Grand Cherokee 2014 -4 (Solved) Lonsdor K518ise cannot read PIN code from Grand Cherokee 2014 -5 (Solved) Lonsdor K518ise cannot read PIN code from Grand Cherokee 2014 -6

i check alk immo0

nothing as smart 453

immo4 immo5 all
(Solved) Lonsdor K518ise cannot read PIN code from Grand Cherokee 2014 -6

go to the trial apply in the main interface

Trial apply it’s only 90 days

so, now, everything is clear.

In Lonsdor K518S, menus are divided into two parts:

free menus and subscribed menus.

Free menus are free for lifetime.
Subscribed menus can be used for free for 90 days.

You need to pay for them after the trial period. After the trial period, subscribed menus will not work properly if you don’t pay. And the menus will disappear after updating the device.
A. 365 days is a period and the price is USD600 per period. One year period starts from the day of the trial period finished.
B. Purchase menus with a dealer. You can use the menus normally and permanently after payment.
C. Menus which you purchase includes subscribed menus that have been released and that will have been released in one year period.
D. Subscribed menus beyond one year period requires extra payment.

after 90 days’ trial period, click check for updates in one key update, you can use subscribed menus for an extra 90-day period


How to Program BMW CAS4+ All Key Lost by CGDI BMW

How to Program BMW CAS4+ All Key Lost by CGDI BMW

This article I want to show you how to program new keys for BMW CAS4+ all key lost by CGDI BMW Programmer.Hope it helps!

Devices You Need?

CGDI BMW Programmer

CGDI Pro 9S12

CG-100 Prog


Step 1:Read CAS4+ Immobilizer Data

Remove CAS4+ module from vehicle


Disassemble cover and take out PCB


Run CG Pro software,and follow the software wire connection diagram to build connection between CG Pro 9S12 and CAS4+ module


Operate CG Pro software to read out and decrypt immo data,then save the data on your laptop

Note:Don’t forget to make backup before operation.

Step 2:CG-100 read ECU data

Run CG-100 software,and select “ECU”


Select “BMW E series”à” MEVD1724(N20)”


Then follow the software wire diagram to connect CG-100 to MEVD1724(N20) ECU


Click “Read EEPROM”


After reading ECU data successfully,save the ECU data file on your laptop.


CG-100 will show ISN and VIN


Note:CG-100 full version support this function.

Step 3:CGDI BMW Program Keys

Connect CGDI BMW to laptop and run CGDI BMW software and select “CAS4 Key Match”


Select “Load CAS Data”


Note select the immo data you save on step 1 to load


Then CGDI BMW software will show relevant information


Select the key position that need to be configured,then click “Generate dealer key”,and the select the way to input “ISN” code,here select “With the engine data,the next step is to load the engine data”


Now load the ISN file you saved in step 2


Input a blank key into CGDI BMW slot,and click “OK” to start programming

How-to-Program-BMW-CAS4+-All-Key-Lost-by-CGDI-BMWHow-to-Program-BMW-CAS4+-All-Key-Lost-by-CGDI-BMW-20 porsche-piwis-3-download-18

After programming successfully,it will prompt you new key programming successfully.


To end by test this new key on your BMW.


UOBDII Official Blog All rights reserved How to Program BMW CAS4+ All Key Lost by CGDI BMW

Lonsdor K518ISE Key programmer Test Results

 Lonsdor K518ISE Key programmer Test Results: after 90 days free trial update

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer is tested by users 95.5% working fine after 90 days free trial update, it can work fine on an increasing number of car models. Here list some.

1. New 3 month trial period for certain special function.

I used it for Megane 3 with Smart Card system. The programmed key card in 2 minutes. No need pin code or anything…
Seems they have finally got a good competition for the Zedfull…..

2. Mégane 3 RS 2010, 4 buttons card, hands-free. Cards programmed 2 mins, Starts/stops, opens/closes, and the hands-free works too with factory cards

3. Fiat Doblo 2017. Program key ok And disabled key lost
Honda Accord 2012. Add key ok

4. Renault master3 2012 add key ok

5. BMW 1 F25 2012 fem add Key ok

6. Read pin add key Peugeot 208 2014 ok

7. Mazda cx9 2015 add key 4d-63 80bit ok

8. -Renault espace 2008 added 2 smart cards with no error, after finished the 2 cards were not recognized did not start car or work central locking

took long while, 5 minutes per card, MVP coded all cards in under 30 seconds, working perfectly…

9. – I made cas 2 one week ago no problem at all i made key in slot off lonsdor max 5 min

10. -Personally I never had issue with BMW cas 2/3 with lonsdor

11. – Volvo v50 2005 add key and remote ok

12. -Good news !! New update is good for MQB key !! Work fine add key on golf mk7 2015 ! Very fast and easy !!! Bravo !!

13. Mitsubishi space wagon 2003, precoded id61 and programmed key ok.

14. Corsa E (2016) read PIN (BCM) = OK

16. VW Amarok 2016 add key ok and backup EEPROM

17. FIAT 500 2008 Read Pin code and prepare remote key than program. ALL FINE

18. I have start loving this toy when i bought it was working 20% ok 80% not Now it is 95 – 5. Today megane 3 year 2009 keyless key made job in 2minutes

19. Porche Panamera 2010 km adjust obd job done

20. hyunday i20 2015 year
read pin ok
add key ok

21. Citroën c5 2008 read pin add key ok
307 Kline read pin fail/add key ok

22. 206 kline all key lost read pin ok about 3sec
23. Opel Zafira b read pin add key
24. Touran 2006 learn key and remote ok

25. Zafira B, read pin and add key, – Success (note, this failed under Zafira B in menu, but i chose type 3 from by system for both pin read and program and works fine)

26. Peugeot 607 2006 abrites won’t connect with BSI to read pin and key learning too.
Lonsdor read pin and program key 2 min.

27. Renault Fluence 2015 keyless go works excellent, in fact, zed full asks for pin and Lonsdor doesn’t. The key works ok in central module and keyless go,5 min job.

28. Suzuki Swift 2015-> (pcf7961)
all key lost
Program without pin – OK (2min)

29. Ford focus 2006 year
add key (all key lost) work all ok

30. Suzuki Swift 2013 all key lost – OK

31. Ford kuga smart spare key….ok, max 5min job

32. i30 2009 all key lost pin i key(7936) ok

33. grand Cherokee 2014 add smart ok

34. Lonsdor K518 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 Smart Key programming definetely. Read eeprom, calculate pin code OK.

35. Berlingo 2014 all key lost pin read ok

36. Fiesta 2013 keyless ok

37. Mazda 3 2014 add Smart key OK. All keys lost also OK.
I20 2014, read pin without working key and program key OK.

38. 2012 Ford Transit T350 2.2 RWD

AKL ok

Add Keys ok

39. Today Megane 3 year 2009 keyless key made job in 2 minutes.

Lonsdor K518ISE Key programmer FAQ:
Q: hmmm, i suppose i should update, seems like some new features are cropping up,
A: You need update and activate trial version for show new functions for 90 days. If you not activate trial version news functions not visible.

Q: What does trial for 90 data means?
A: for coverage in red color, after 90 days if you want still to use that coverage it will be paid option

Information about subscription update for a year: 600$

I’m planning to buy, but now this will be ban.

Q: Bmw X5 cas3+ the year 2008 add key not successful read ok all , but was not able to add key , ZedFull add in 1 min .
A: you must add it with key in ignition, in slot doesn’t work ok, but with key in ignition should work. tested by me

How To Update SKP1000 Key Programmer Hardware ?

SKP1000 is a Multifunction programmer with 4’inch touch screen, mainly designed for auto Key programming. covers all functions of SuperOBD SKP-900 key programmer. SKP-1000 key programmer from is a convenient device which can perform immobilizer,  EPB+ Oil/service Reset , Mileage Adjustment and Ford and Nissan pin code calculation,and other special function, integrates more application and service, such as Maintenance Database, remote assistant, and One Key Update etc. supports almost all cars in the world, such as Audi,Volkswagen,Ford, Land Rover, Chrysler, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, BMW (enable/disable key) and so on.

SKP-1000 Key Programmersupports Language:English

Here comes the step by step guide on how to update skp1000 key programmer.The skp1000 key programmer is the update version of  SKP900,it is more excellent than skp900.

Skp1000 hardware update procedures:

Take out the TF card and insert it into the card reader
plug into the computer USB port
go to My Computer/local disk (H:)
“Format” disk H:


Tip: Tick on the “Quick format” and click on“Start”
format completes
go to the official site to download the update file
then copy and paste the file into the TF card
plug the TF card into the machine
power on the machine to the main interface

click on “Firmware update”
choose “System firmware update”, press “Yes”
Firmware is updating,please wait.
Update successfully

Press “No” to back.

go to ” Adapter firmware update”
after finish, reboot the machine for use